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North Korean Postcards? How Lucky Am I?!





Wow… I cannot believe I was lucky enough to get this swap! Chinese Li Jin Dong offered to swap these beautiful cards and stamp with me from his trip to the postally elusive North Korea! I am so proud to have these in my collection! He hasn’t written on them, so all the info I have is what is on the back. The first card shows Pae Rock in Tongsok Valley, the second (my favourite, since it is so very unique) bears the slogan “to live for and protect one’s country is the greatest patriotism” (I am lucky enough to have a very good Korean friend who translated for me!). The final card shows the reconstructed tomb of King Tangun. I also included the beautiful stamp that Li Jin Dong was kind enough to enclose – it shows the North Korean national anthem. I feel so privileged to have received this package!

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