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Scan 1 - Version 2This awesome card comes from Tonje in Norway and I love it! As a child I had a total fascination with Norwegian trolls, so this card totally takes me back to my childhood! Trolls in Scandinavian folklore are usually dangerous or at the very least to be avoided and in many stories will eat children. However, if you can trick a troll (they are usually described as slow-witted) and make him stray into the sunlight, he will be turned to stone. Incidentally, this image has been based on a view at the village of Geiranger. Great card! Thank you Tonje!

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The Sami

SamiWhen I got back from my holiday, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have so many gorgeous postcards and this one was definitely a favourite! All the way from Kari in Norway, it shows the Sami people, who, she tells me, are indigenous to the Sapmi area in the northernmost parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Kola (Russia). She also explains that this photo was taken in Finnmark (Norway) and that Sami is an official language in some municipalities and she thinks it should be taught in schools. Wonderful card and it’s always so interesting when people take time to explain things! I love it!

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My First of the Northern Lights!

This spectacular view of the Northern Lights comes from Daniel in Norway. He tells me he is overwhelmed to be sending a card to somewhere as unusual as Guernsey! I love this card – it is beautiful and reminds me of my trip to Norway many (many!) years ago (although I never saw aurora borealis then sadly…).

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A Norwegian Glacier

This spectacular card arrived today and is my first from Norway since I was a child! Sent from Marit, it makes a lovely addition to my collection of nature postcards. She tells me she works as a farmer and rural postwoman and that they produce milk on their farm. Sounds beautiful! Love this card so much!

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The Memorable Childhood Postcard

This one is proof that sometimes, just sometimes, my Granny really hit the nail on the head with knowing what makes little kids laugh. Sent from Oslo c.1996 the card includes nothing more than the message “What a clever little troll to ‘produce’ four-leaf clover…. I wonder what will she (he?) do with them?” And the result? Its a postcard I have always treasured with childish glee.

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