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Another Jewel in my Postcard Crown


If you’re a collector who easily feels those twinges of the green-eyed jealousy monster, turn away now, look at this image no more and pretend its just some average card of some average place. Unfortunately though, it isn’t! This beauty comes from Javier in the elusive (in postcard terms at least) country of Panama! This arrived with me on New Years Eve 2013 and was the perfect end to my year! Panama has an infamous postal system, perhaps most notorious for the fact that any address is only two lines long and one of those lines is ‘Panama’. However, miraculously, despite lack of street name, postal code or anything else, this bizarre system seems to work! Javier’s card shows the ruins of the Old Panama Cathedral in Panama City. This site, dating back to the early 1500s, is now listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and has survived through fires, earthquakes and countless pirate attacks! Amazing! Thank you Javier for this gem! I feel very priveliged!

Edit: for those of you interested in stamps (such as Igor), I absolutely love the ones on this card – beautiful aren’t they!