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ChillisThis vibrant card was part of a swap with Varsha in India who tells me all about how popular chillies are in her country! She says most houesholds will have a stack of dry and fresh chillies to hand at all times which they use to flavour curries and dry dishes. She also says how in some areas you can find dishes made only by using spices and chillies – amazing! What a fascinating card! Love it!

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Pandanggo Sa Ilaw – A Candle Dance

CandleDanceThis beautiful card comes from Filipino Sabrina. She tells me that the dance of Pandanggo Sa Ilaw is very famous in the Philippines. It involves balancing lit oil lamps on the head and both hands of the dancers whilst gracefully dancing. Sounds very VERY tricky! Sabrina says she tried it in 6th grade and the candle on her head fell on the floor and broke! Haha! Great story! Love this card!

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A Card I Thought I’d Never Get…

Six months ago to the day (I remember because it was my birthday), I arranged a direct swap with Filipino Sabrina. Two months later, the card still hadn’t arrived so she sent another. Two months after that I moved house, having still not received the card and giving up on it. Today, this beautiful picture of Boracay arrived, four months after it was first posted! Having been redirected from my old flat in England by the new tenants (the Filipino stamps must have seriously confused the Royal Mail!), this finally made it to me, and I am so glad as the picture is just stunning! Sabrina says she doesn’t usually send cards of Boracay as it is so touristic, but she thought this card was exceptionally pretty and I agree! Wonderful card and I’m so glad to finally receive it!

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Beautiful Rice Terraces

This beautiful card comes from Agatha in the Philippines as part of a direct swap. I love how tranquil these rice terraces look! Agatha tells me there are 7107 islands in the Philippines, which I didn’t know! She also says she’s sneakily writing the card in class since she was meant to send it earlier and has drawn a cute (and very good) Moomin on the back too!




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My First From The Philippines!

This spectacular landscape card was sent to me by Frances in the Philippines. She greets me with “Mabuhay!”and tells me she thinks her country is the most beautiful and natural in the world. Judging by this photo, I’d say its certainly up there! The amount of green is amazing!

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