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Polish Christmas

postcards2_5This lovely card comes from Magdalena in Poland where beautiful decorations like these and delicious food, often play a bigger role than present-giving. In Poland, Christmas dinner and present exchanging usually takes place on Christmas Eve before Christmas day is spent visiting friends or family. Beautiful card!

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Polish Storks

postcards_2Natalia in Poland kindly sent me this great card from the village of Zywkowo in the north east of the country. She explains that every year there are as many as 50 stork nests in the village and it is known as the ‘stork capital of Poland’ – amazing! She says each spring around 100 storks arrive and come late summer, 200 will leave. I had no idea! She is also kind enough to translate the quote “forgiveness brings freedom, both to the one who forgives and to the one who is forgiven” by Ewa Glinska. I love it when people really take the time to explain a card and educate me – especially as I can now pass on the message to all you guys! Thanks Natalia, love this card!

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SanokThis pretty card comes from Iwona in Poland who apologises for not sending it sooner – very sweet of her, but considering it was over postcrossing I would have had no idea it was late anyway! It shows her hometown of Sanok, which looks very beautiful. I always enjoy multiview cards of lesser-known towns as I find it really interesting to look beyond a country’s big cities and famous views. Lovely card!

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A Polish Autumn

PolishAutumnI absolutely adore this card from Martin in Poland. The autumnal colours make the picture so vivid and you can really imagine the crisp air. He says he chose it for me as it is one of his favourites and he loves how melancholy it seems. Well, it’s now one of my favourites too!

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Polish Folklore

PolishFolkloreThis beautiful card comes from one Monica to another! Although this Monica is from Poland! She tells me how the card shows traditional costumes from each area of Poland. She is from Lublin and says that she tried on the costume once and it was really uncomfortable! Haha! I’m not surprised! She also tells me that her favourite names are Daniel and Elena – very pretty too!

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The Wawel Hill

RoyalCastlePolandThis beautiful card comes from Daria in Poland, it shows the Royal Castle on the Wawel Hill in Krakow, a stunning UNESCO site. She starts her postcard with this sentence: “You can’t imagine how lame I felt when I saw your address – it was like ‘oh, there’s a country I’ve never heard about before… OH it’s in Europe'” Haha! Definitely made me giggle. Well phrased!

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The Beautiful Baltic Sea

This amazing picture comes from Kasia in Poland and shows the Baltic Sea. She tells me she bought the card in Gdansk but she herself lives in a landlocked region more renowned for its lakes. She’s also drawn a very cute doodle of a Maya temple which is awesome! Great card!

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The Pieniny Mountains

This lovely multiview card comes from penfriend Bart in Poland who sent this whilst on holiday with his parents in the Pieniny Mountains. He tells me that he’s staying in the city of Szczawnica (no idea how that is pronounced!) and that the area is beautiful. He says the mountains aren’t particularly high, but the routes are usually demanding so the final views at the summits are breathtaking in more ways than one! Bart’s favourite view is of Sokolica mountain (the bottom right hand corner) where he says the rocks are enormous before giving way to the old tree visible in the photo. Amazing!




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A Long-Travelled Card From Poland

This beautiful card from Iwona in Poland arrived at my new flat a few days ago after 45 days travelling and being redirected all the way from London (I wonder what my new Guernsey postman will make of all these cards!). It shows three beautiful views of Krakow where Iwona studies maths at university. She tells me she loves painting (and even doodles a cute teddy on my card) and nature. She also says that Krakow has been +30 degrees recently and that it gives her a good excuse to go hiking. A really lovely, chatty card! Very cheerful! Love it!

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A Schoolgirl’s Postcard

This unusual postcard arrived today from Agata in Poland. She’s a schoolgirl who’s made this card herself, picturing Lodz at night on the left and herself and her hobbies on the right. Its an interesting design, with an unusual choice of pictures, especially on the right hand side, but I like the colour scheme of the night-scenes she’s chosen a lot!

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