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Scan 3 - Version 3From Martina on a trip to Germany I received this card showing the city of Passau. Home to 50,000 people, more than 20% of the population of this city are students. Also known as the City of Three Rivers, Passau is the meeting point of the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz. As such, most of the touristic spots in Passau are located along the river. Very pretty card!

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The Elbe Sandstone Mountains


Scan 2This beautiful card comes from David in Germany and shows the stunning Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The range straddles Germany and the Czech Republic and is full of spectacular scenery such as that above. The stunning sandstone peaks were formed millions of years ago when the area was beneath the sea and are now eroded into these eery pinnacles of rock. Absolutely beautiful card, thank you David!

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Scan 2 - Version 2This great card is from Milad in Iraq and shows Liberation Square and the Freedom Monument on the left and a sunset over the Dijla (Tigris) River on the right. Liberation Square is the largest square in Baghdad and commemorates the 1958 establishment of the Republic of Iraq. The river runs close by. Lovely card!

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Scan 1 - Version 2This awesome card comes from Tonje in Norway and I love it! As a child I had a total fascination with Norwegian trolls, so this card totally takes me back to my childhood! Trolls in Scandinavian folklore are usually dangerous or at the very least to be avoided and in many stories will eat children. However, if you can trick a troll (they are usually described as slow-witted) and make him stray into the sunlight, he will be turned to stone. Incidentally, this image has been based on a view at the village of Geiranger. Great card! Thank you Tonje!

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The Wastwater


Scan 3 - Version 2This stunning panorama of the Lake District came from my mum on one of her English holidays. She and my family climbed Great Gable, a peak behind where the photographer must have been standing. The Wastwater lake is more than 3 miles long and more than a third of a mile wide. At 79m deep, it is England’s deepest lake. Spectacular!

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Little Pine State Park


Scan 1 - Version 4This beautiful card comes from Leslie in the USA and shows a beautiful view of the Tiadaghton State Forest  – specifically the Little Pine State Park. The forest alone covers 215,000 square acres, which for me, at least, seems enormous! Little Pine is most famous for this beautiful lake, which was created through damming and is very popular for fishing, boating and, of course, swimming. Gorgeous!

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Scan - Version 3

This great card, from Maria in Finland, shows the coastal city of Turku. Here you can see the castle which dates back to the 13th century and is unsurprisingly a hot tourist spot. Maria says she even had her prom there which is very cool! Turku itself is Finland’s oldest city and is full of beautiful history.

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The Brokopondo Reservoir


Scan 1 - Version 2This spectacular card is another from Cheryll in Suriname and shows the beautiful Brokopondo Reservoir. Built in the 1960s this giant lake was created to feed a hydro power station which in turn provides the country’s electricity. Many people had to leave the area for its creation, but it is now also a popular tourist spot. Interestingly, the trees were not felled before the area was flooded, leaving the stark skeletons in the water. Beautiful!

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Paradise on Earth

Scan 7 - Version 2This stunning card, also from Idrialis, shows three more beautiful images of the Dominican Republic. Famed for its gorgeous beaches and blissfully secluded areas of natural beauty, I feel very lucky to have this little card as a window into that world. Named after Saint Dominic, the Spanish speaking country shares the island with neighbouring French speaking Haiti, making it one of only two Caribbean islands to be shared. I hope one day I get to visit because the Dominican Republic seems stunning!

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Ebano Verde Creek

Scan 7 - Version 3This stunning card comes from Idrialis in the Dominican Republic – the second largest Caribbean nation. Here you can see a creek running through the Ebano Verde national park, which Idrialis informs me is bursting with endangered and rare species. At 18,000 square miles, the country has a population of 10 million – 1 million of whom live in the capital of Santo Domingo. As such, areas like this are left true havens and full of natural beauty.

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