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Romanian Christmas Tree

postcards2_2_4This awesome card shows my Romanian friend Marius’s office Christmas Tree which he helped decorate – it’s so pretty! But do you think it has enough baubles?! Romania places a special importance on music at Christmas time, with its own special genre called ‘colinda’. Whilst these songs are similar to Christmas carols and the lyrics speak of the nativity, many are thought to also have pagan origins. Fascinating!

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A Romanian Tram Depot

postcards2_2_2This beautiful old scene comes from Ciprian in Romania who chose this card as it shows a traditional scene for me. Amazing! For those interested, this is the main tram depot in Cotroceni, a suburb of Bucharest.

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Two Romanian Beauties

RomaniaAutumnRomaniaCastlesThese two awesome cards come from Eugen in Romania and in particular I really love the first one. I am actually writing a novel set in the Romanian mountains so receiving a card like this really helps me set the scene! The caption is “autumn in the Rucar-Bran corridor”. The second image shows three of Romania’s most famous castles – Peles Castle, Corvin Castle and of course Bran Castle – awesome cards!

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A Double Whammy from Alexandria

PelesCastleAlexandriaThese beautiful cards come from Gabriel in Alexandria (shown in the second card), Romania. He says he chose the first card (Peles Castle) to add to my collection of Romanian castles (at present, this collection stands at two!) and tells me the castle was built between 1873 and 1914 over 134,000 square feet of land with over 170 rooms! How amazing! He also says that Alexandria has a population of 41,000 and is situated in the south of the country. I really love informative cards like these as I love learning new things about foreign countries!

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Dracula’s Castle

This card comes from Raluca and is my first from Romania. Strangely, I received her address at random on Postcrossing then a couple of days later she coincidentally asked me to swap! So I was lucky enough to get this card showing Bran Castle, more infamously known as Dracula’s Castle. Raluca has really kindly explained the history of the place to me – apparently there was a fiercely sadistic ruler who lived there in medieval times who would run spears through his enemies (mostly Turks). She also tells me that ‘Drac’ means devil in Romanian. Awesome card! Love it!




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