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Paperchase Christmas Postcard!

postcards2_4This adorable card comes from Doyel in Scotland. I actually saw this card in a Paperchase store (if you don’t have these in your country, google them, they are a stationary lover’s paradise!) when I was in the UK over Christmas and thought it was adorable, but didn’t have anyone to send it to (it was on Boxing Day) so didn’t buy. Then I came home and this was waiting for me! So cute! Thanks Doyel!

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The Hunting Lodge of My Ancestors

postcards2_2This breathtaking card comes from my mum on holiday in Scotland. She tells me that this card shows Castle Stalker in Appin, which was once the hunting lodge and occassional home (in the way these things were in those days) of some distant relatives on her father’s side: the Stuarts of Appin. She visited with my brother and says that they were shown around by the very friendly family who own it now who apparently gave them a very detailed tour and told them about another ancestor ‘Donald of the Hammers’ a ferocious warrior who would swing a hammer in each hand during battle. Amazing! I just love discovering more about my heritage, you never know what you’ll find out! As for Castle Stalker, apparently it also reached the pinnacle of its fame in Monty Python and the Holy Grail as Castle Aargh, for any fans out there.

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Holyroodhouse Palace

HolyroodhouseThis beautiful card comes from Jenny in the UK who went to Edinburgh in August where she visited Holyroodhouse Palace. She tells me that it is truly beautiful inside – I can just imagine – and that she hopes it brings back memories of the UK for me (it does!). Great card!

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The Scottish Highlands

This wonderful card of a very rugged looking Scotland comes from Monique (originally from Holland). She tells me she moved to Edinburgh in March 2008 and loves it. I really love this card – reminds me of a holiday there a few years back. Beautiful!

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My First From the Isle of Skye

My first postcard showing the beautiful Isle of Skye comes from my German friend Hannah whilst she was on holiday there. She’s told me how her trip to the UK didn’t go exactly as planned whilst in London, but that she loved Scotland (can’t blame her there at all!) She says she and her sister went on a Highland tour where they saw some of the beautiful landscape. I absolutely love the Scottish landscape so it was great to receive this card!




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And One From My Own Mum!

Our mailbox had quite the family-feel to it on Friday with cards from both mine and Nick’s mums! This one’s from my mum in Edinburgh – a city I’ve never been lucky enough to visit. She was there with my sister and says how much she loves the city as it has a great atmosphere. They were there for the Fringe and she says they saw a fair bit of comedy and the book festival but she’s ashamed she saw no theatre! Well, sounds lovely anyway! Gorgeous picture too showing the old town!




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A Unique Castle

I’ve never been to the Isle of Arran off the Scottish coast, so I was really thrilled to get this card from Doyel in Scotland who  visited Brodick Castle a while ago. I love castles, so it was great to receive this!

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“Have You Heard of Greyfriars Bobby?”

Now a card from my sister Peaches who was away with my mum in Edinburgh. This card starts with the line ‘have you heard of Greyfriars Bobby?’. The answer, for me, was no. So I googled it. Turns out he was a little Sky Terrier who stayed by his master’s grave for 14 years after he died and the postcard shows his statue. Very cute story, if a little heart-wrenching! She also tells me all about their time up in Edinburgh where my mum was working at the Fringe – seems like they had some fun! Very cute card!





A Letter On A Postcard

The arrival of this postcard in 2009 from my  penpal Joe in Scotland, impressed me. With the address written in a space half the length of the postage stamp, and the rest dedicated to a long letter in tiny writing, I would not have expected it to get any further than the Edinburgh post depot, but it somehow made it as far as my neighbours drive, before being dropped (accidentally?) by the postman and arriving a day later when they found it. This rambling postcard is literally just a chain of thought, but its definitely unique and that’s why I like it.

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