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Wild Aus!

Scan Scan - Version 2 Scan - Version 3 Scan 3From my old friend Michael in Australia came this awesome parcel. Normally I don’t scan anything more than cards and the occasional stamp, but I had to include the message that came with the items in the package since it really cracked me up! This actually took FIVE and a half MONTHS to reach me after taking a detour via Spain (presumably due to confusion with the Canary Islands and Channel Islands? Who knows!). Michael also wrote an essay on the back of the above 3 cards! Made my day! Here though, you can see: a young wedge tailed eagle with its prey, two frilled lizards which are found in northern Australia and actually spend most of their lives in trees and finally a view of Esperance, where Michael often works and stays at Orleans Bay Caravan Park. Strangely this card obviously makes him think of me since he sent me the same card way back in 2012! Thanks Michael, loved this parcel!

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Scan 1This cheery card comes from Karin in the Netherlands and shows a cute family of dolphins. Widely regarded as one of the most intelligent species of animal in the world, these little guys are incredibly social and love to play with each other and just about anything they can wrap their little snouts around. Adorable!

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Scan 2 - Version 2This cool card from a new country in my collection is from Ante in Antigua and well, it is awesome! Definitely makes me want a holiday! This 108 mile square island relies hugely on its tourism as its primary economy, but I can see why! Just look at that beach! Thanks Ante!

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Scan 7 - Version 3This great card comes from Lorelei in France and shows the city of Pornic, famous for its beautiful beaches. Unsurprisingly, it is a big tourist spot and actually is not that far, geographically, from the Channel Islands. When its sunny, Lorelei says she likes to wander by the sea and eat yummy crepes, which, of course, the French are very famous for!

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Portsmouth Harbour


Scan 2Next week I will actually be in Portsmouth, so it was great to receive this card from Manda in the UK of the famous English port city. Home to the world’s oldest dry-dock, it is full of fascinating maritime history, including the wreck of the Tudor warship the Mary Rose, which I am really looking forward to seeing. Alongside this, you can visit amazing vessels such as the HMS Warrior and Victory. In this card you can see the 170m Spinnaker Tower – a famous landmark built in 2005.

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Paradise on Earth

Scan 7 - Version 2This stunning card, also from Idrialis, shows three more beautiful images of the Dominican Republic. Famed for its gorgeous beaches and blissfully secluded areas of natural beauty, I feel very lucky to have this little card as a window into that world. Named after Saint Dominic, the Spanish speaking country shares the island with neighbouring French speaking Haiti, making it one of only two Caribbean islands to be shared. I hope one day I get to visit because the Dominican Republic seems stunning!

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Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

Scan 7Another stunning card from Vero – this time showing the stark contrast in geography on Tenerife. This beautiful island is 785 miles square with a population of almost 900,000. The Canary Islands supposedly got their name when Berber King Juba II discovered particularly vicious dogs there (canaria). The Romans, meanwhile, called Tenerife Nivaria, referring to the snow covered peak of the Teide volcano (seen in this image). By the 14th century, writings refer to the island as Isla del Infierno, or ‘island of hell’, in relation to volcanic eruptions. Tenerife, as it is known today, is so named for the volcano ‘tene’ (meaning mountain) and ‘ife’ (meaning white). Bet you didn’t know all that when you woke up this morning!

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Beautiful Tenerife

Scan 6 - Version 3This beautiful calendar card comes from Spanish Vero, on her holiday to Tenerife. Whilst Tenerife is not its own country, and is a part of Spain, it is part of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands, and attracts 5 million tourists a year. With its spectacular geography and Mediterranean climate, its hardly surprising! So take a moment to enjoy these 12 beautiful images. Thanks Vero!

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Scan - Version 3

Scan 1 - Version 5In all honesty, never did I think I would ever get a postcard from Pitcairn Island… How impressive is that?! And such a stroke of luck for me as well as it is not one I asked for! So here it is, courtesy of Malaysian Shurbani. Pitcairn Island, the last British Overseas Territory of the Pacific, has a population of just 48, long-gone are the days of its peak population of 250 in 1936. The island, although small, is probably most renowned for the part it played in the infamous mutiny of HMS Bounty in 1789, whereupon 18 mutineers put Captain Bligh and his loyal crew members in a small boat before burning the HMS Bounty and settling, themselves, on the island of Pitcairn. Bligh, however, undefeated, navigated his tiny  boat on a 47 day voyage in a display of unprecedented seamanship. He had on him nothing more than a pocket watch and a quadrant and later stated the journey had been 3618 nautical miles and lost only 5 men on the journey. 2 years and 11 weeks after his original departure from England, he returned to report the mutiny and ensure the capture of his mutineers. What a story! And what a card to remember it by!

PS Igor – here is the stamp for you to see!


From California, with Love


From Vanessa in sunny California, USA, comes this sweet card showing some of the state’s most famous sights. The Golden Gate Bridge, an important-looking building (yeah, I don’t know where that is), Malibu and a mountain waterfall. This card certainly made me smile. Thank you Vanessa!

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