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An Owly Birthday


ScanThis totally adorable card came from my good friend (and almost-birthday-twin) Hannah in Germany. Unfortunately I couldn’t read most of the back as it came in a delicious packet full of chocolates and Eastery-treats. Sadly, some of the chocolate creme-filled eggs hatched (quite literally) in the envelope en route and stickified the entire contents! However, I think the front gives the right vibe!

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Birthday Cupcake!


Scan 7This delicious, colourful card came from Anne in Luxembourg a few days before my birthday and is just too cute! I would definitely eat that cupcake, although if I tried making it, my artistic skills would leave a lot to be desired! Thanks Anne!

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Scan 4 - Version 2This was my first bday card of the year and it is very cute – and functional too, although I can’t bear to ruin the card by using the stickers! This one was another from Ramona and her family, way back on April 5 – just out of interest do I have any birthday twins out there? It seems to be a very unusual date to be born on, so always up for hearing from my birthday sharers!

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Another Easter Delight


Scan 4Another very belated update, this time from Ramona and her beautiful creative family in Germany. Easter in Germany is celebrated in a very similar way to the UK, on a Sunday in March or April and as part of a long weekend. And of course, who doesn’t love chocolate, eggs and cute animals?

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Easter Bunny!


Scan 6 - Version 2Yes, I know it’s been a LONG time since Easter, but hopefully this cute little bunny card from Edit in Hungary makes up for it! It is totally adorable, so I know I’ll be forgiven, teehee! The Easter bunny originated as a German Lutheran character as a creature who would tell if children were good or bad before Easter and then, if they were good, of course, they would receive eggs carried in a little basket. And, if you thought it was a recent tradition, you’d be wrong! The Easter bunny was first mentioned in writing in 1682!

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International Women’s Day

Scan - Version 2

To celebrate International Women’s Day in March, Spanish Vero sent me this great card – my first of its kind. Created to commemorate historic suffrage, International Women’s Day is celebrated primarily in Europe to represent equality and was designed to raise both political and social awareness of issues surrounding sexism. A fantastic holiday for women, who, in the words of Vero, are “strong, beautiful, smart, skilled, fighters and lovers…”. Great card!

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A Traditional Valentine

Scan 5 - Version 3From the lovely Maura in the USA comes this cute Valentine’s card – definitely different in theme to the previous one! The history of Valentine’s Day is not easy to decipher. Although there were many martyred Valentines, it is thought that only two (or possibly three) actually relate to the Saint whose day is celebrated on February the 14th, the most famous being Priest Valentine of Rome. Whilst there are many myths and legends surrounding these saints, one thing is known for certain – they were killed for their beliefs by the Romans. It first became a day with connotations of love during the Early Middle Ages, but it was not until the Victorian times (so sweetly depicted in this card) that traditions of gift giving and courtship began to arise. Nowadays it is common to write Valentines cards which are often filled with ‘poetry’ or variants of the old ‘roses are red’ cliché, but did you know that the original of Roses are Red dated back to 1784 and is actually quite beautiful?

The rose is red, the violet’s blue,

The honey’s sweet, and so are you.
Thou art my love and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine:
The lot was cast and then I drew,

And Fortune said it shou’d be you.


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My Cheeky Valentine

Scan 5

This cute card arrived on Valentine’s Day from my ‘secret admirer’ and says nothing more than that on the back, apart from a sticker in the shape of lips. No need for concern though, my secret admirer is a part of a lovely little facebook surprise postcards group I’m part of, and sent out a batch of these to lucky receivers all around the world. So what do I know? This card is from the USA and is postmarked from Medford, Oregon. But I’m not going to look into who the sender could be, I like the mystery!

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Chinese New Year!

Scan - Version 2I received this sweet hand-made card from Winky in Hong Kong to celebrate the Chinese New Year in February. The Chinese Zodiac runs on a 12 year cycle and this year is the year of the Horse. Supposedly people born in the year are supposed to have horsey characteristics: energetic, confident and ambitious. It’s also meant to be the year to start that project you’ve been dreaming of – apparently it may well be successful! Regardless of your thoughts on astrology, I do enjoy reading about it and learning about the Asian culture. Thanks Winky!

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Christmas Sausage Dog

postcards2_2_2This adorable card (one of my favourites of the season) comes from the lovely Brook in the USA. This little dachshund looks like he’s been caught with one paw in the cookie jar! In the USA, as with many countries today, Christmas has become a festivity that although has its origins in religion has also evolved into a general holiday, celebrated with gifts, a Christmas Tree and a big meal on December 25. Brook tells me that she will usually wake up and make apple cider and hot chocolate, waking her husband by wafting the scent of cider around him! Sweet! I love this card!

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