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Beautiful Belgrade

 postcards3 postcards2 postcardsThe only thing wrong with this amazing-like-no-other postcard from my good friend Mirna whilst on holiday in Serbia, is that my scanner does it no justice at all. Oh and wordpress is refusing to let me resize images/relocate them in a post at the moment, so it’s probably going to all be e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s. Sigh. HOWEVER, that is fine, since this postcard is totally awesome. In the bottom image, you can see the postcard as it looked when it came through my door. And then you lift a hidden flap and ta-dah! You see 9 beautiful images of Belgrade. Amazing! Mirna tells me that Belgrade seemed really big from her perspective (it looks it from the images!) but that she really enjoyed it and it had a very diverse nature, reminding her of lots of places all at once. Looks awesome! Thanks Mirna!

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My First From Serbia

This very historical card comes from Alex in Serbia. It shows Belgrade Fortress, which he tells me is 15 minutes from his flat and he has spent many hours chilling out there with his friends. It is also used as a music venue and apparently the day before he sent this, the Prodigy performed there! Great card, with a beautiful fort!




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