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The Buddha Tooth Temple

BuddhaToothThis pretty card comes from Sebastian in Singapore. He says nothing except for “hello” and writes the word ‘happy’ in Chinese alongside a giant sketch of a crab… Sebastian from the Little Mermaid, maybe? No explanation! Beautiful picture though of the Buddha Tooth Temple.

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Poker Face

PokerFaceThis funny card comes from Isaac in Singapore. He tells me it’s currently raining where he is and that he’s preparing for his finals of his first year at university – I can empathise there! Awesome card!

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Singaporean Calligraphy

This really cool card comes from Daniel in Singapore and shows how the art of Chinese calligraphy is still practiced in the country. He tells me he tried for ages to find me a nature themed card and even went to Singapore’s botanic gardens for one, but when that failed he had to accept defeat and settle for a cultural card. So sweet of him to try so hard! And anyway, I love this card and it’s got some great insect themed stamps on it too!

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Singapore Chinatown

This beautiful card comes from penpal Clarissa in Singapore who sent it alongside a lovely letter in gorgeous hand-writing! She apologises for taking a while to send it and then tells me how much she loved the card I sent her and says she’d love to visit England again one day. She tells me that Chinatown in Singapore is different from over here since it adopts the shop-house style which she says is a significant type of structure in the country and also in Malaysia. Lovely chatty card and letter!

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My 200th Postcard!!

My first postcard from Singapore arrived today from Caitlyn, who tells me proudly that she was 11 years and 364 days old when she wrote this! The lovely card shows various stretches of the Singapore river and on the back there’s a lovely stamp of a terrapin. Gorgeous!

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