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Another Awful Postcard

UnderfloorHeatingI’m allowed to say it’s awful! It’s part of my awful postcard challenge! All the way from Kjell in Sweden, the note on the back reads nothing more than “What is this? What on earth is this?” Haha! Brilliant! I think it’s a sock and it seems to be advertising underfloor heating and energy efficiency. Awesome!

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Swedish Vikings!

VikingsThis wonderful maxicard comes from Katja in Sweden. She tells me that it belongs to a set of maxicards in 1990 dedicated to the Vikings. Strangely, the stamp was issued on my boyfriend’s birthday – day, month, year! There is no way Katja could have known this, so it’s a fascinating coincidence! Vikings were actually one of my first historical/archaeological interests as a child so this card is really awesome for me!

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A Swedish Maxicard!

ButterflyMaxiGetting a maxicard in the post is always such a welcome surprise, so to receive this one from Swedish Laila was very special. The stamp Euphydryas maturna was issued in May 1993 apparently – it’s very pretty! Laila tells me that when she wrote the card she was just getting a few final things ready for Christmas. Lovely!

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Swedish Moose

This beautiful card is from Leila in Sweden who I did a direct swap with. Swapping with her seemed to be a natural choice since not only did she have a genuine love for Guernsey, but her profile picture was of two mugs which I actually own – weird! She says she chose this card as she saw it in my favourites list on postcrossing. She tells me that moose are common in Sweden and although they’re not dangerous, they can cause horrible car accidents because of their size and weight. They are known affectionately as ‘King of the Woods’ which rings a bell somewhere – I think I had a book about this as a child… Leila also says how one day she would like to roadtrip around the Channel Islands and Great Britain. Sounds like a great idea to me! If only it weren’t so expensive!





Swedish Roundabouts

Here’s a beautiful postcard from Swedish penpal Sara in 2011. It features her town – with the bottom left hand picture being their largest roundabout. She informs me that it is an inside joke as “we have like a thousand of them”! Otherwise, this card contains just a short, sweet message and a lovely snowflake stamp.

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