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Basel City Hall

postcards2_2This card comes from Sabrina in Switzerland and shows the city hall or Rathaus of the city of Basel – Switzerland’s third largest city. Apparently, the city hall has maintained its position on the Market Square since the 14th century. Pretty impressive!

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A Swiss Moon

MoonMountainsThis card comes from Merlin in Switzerland and although it could be the Swiss Alps, I’m inclined to believe the image is actually Chinese mountains… and I’m pretty sure the moon has been photoshopped. Nevertheless, the image is cool!

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Stunning Switzerland

SwissAlpsSo often, Swiss postcards feel the need to be all about snow and skiing so I was thrilled to receive this stunning card from Twinkle! I just love the landscape of the Alps, especially in spring/summer and this postcard only highlights that! She tells me that she finds skiing boring (excellent, me too!) and so instead she has taken up pole dancing as a hobby! An unusual one, but I bet she has fun. Gorgeous card!

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Halloween Cats!

HalloweenCatsThis adorable card comes from Catherine in Switzerland and although it is perhaps, not quite the season for a Halloween card, I love it! It is just so cute! She tells me her favourite foods are carrot salad and chocolate (presumably not at the same time!) and that she likes to read and knit. Great card!

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A Wintery Lausanne

LausanneThis pretty card comes from Otto in Switzerland and shows a view of Lausanne from the top of the cathedral. I love the snowy roofs. Very nice!

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Has Guernsey Post Been Hoarding?

SwissTrainOnce again, I received several cards all at once today after a week of receiving hardly any! I find this unlikely to be a coincidence… *cough* Guernsey Post! This beautiful UNESCO card comes from Inge in Switzerland. She tells me she always loves to send cards to lesser-known countries on postcrossing and that this is her second to Guernsey! This card shows a railway that runs across some viaducts in the Alps (that’s the best I can make of the description with my poor German skills). Anyway, it’s beautiful.

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For Rainy Days

RainChildThis adorable card comes from Barbara in Switzerland and is my first card actually stamped and posted from the country! Yay! I just LOVE the image, it is too cute – some wonderful photography! Barbara says she loves rainy days as they’re an excuse to drink tea and read crime novels. Sounds pretty good to me!

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On The Fourth Day Of Christmas, Guernsey Brought To Me… An Onslaught Of Cards!

OexCastleGenevaSo upon returning home from my Christmas in England, I have realised I have a LOT of catching up to do after receiving a ton of cards! Luckily my neighbour was kind enough to bring them in from my mailbox for me or I don’t think they’d have fit! In any case, let me take this chance to wish all you lovely readers a very happy 2013!

Anyway, these two lovely cards come from a good friend of mine – Dan, which he sent me from his holiday in Switzerland. He tells me that the weather was a chilly -3C and that he had a beautiful view from his hotel of the mountains – sounds lovely! He says he managed to indulge in lots of chocolate and enjoyed his stay, despite a delay at Gatwick en route (surprise surprise!). Such pretty cards!

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Bought in Switzerland, Sent from Romania

This one’s from Romanian penpal Marius, sent in 2011 after he spent a few months working in Zurich. After he returned home, he sent me this card, telling me about his trip along the Transfogarska (which apparently is one of the best driving roads in the world). It also has an exciting Romanian stamp!

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