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Thai Eye

postcards3This pretty card comes from Russian Anna on holiday in Thailand. The boy in the eye is a novice Buddhist monk and he is wearing traditional monk attire. It is not uncommon for men to become monks in Thailand and it is considered a very sacred profession. Interesting card.

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Too Cute!

postcards_3I may have to get rid of my top ten page on here, because I keep getting new cards I want to add to it and this beauty from Usanee in Thailand is one of them. I am in love with it! But if I put it in its deserving place (about number 2 or 3) in my top ten, then something else has to be bumped out. Oh… too tough! So this shows a child on the back of an Asian water buffalo. If anyone can explain the type of buffalo to me, or if it isn’t a separate species to the regular buffalo, why this one has such magnificent horns, then I am genuinely very interested! Buffalo are a very important farm animal in South East Asia and as such are involved in several festivals as well as just their regular eating, farming and pooing role on the farms. Great card!


The Temple of the Dawn

Temple of DawnI work in a Thai cafe so it is really great to get another card from Thailand – this time from Jirat who welcomes me to the “Kingdom of Smiles”! I love how different every card I’ve received from Thailand is, but all are so beautiful!

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The Golden Triangle

GoldenTriangleThis stunning landscape card comes from my lovely friend Maija who’s on holiday in Thailand at the moment. She tells me she absolutely adores the country, but that her brief trip to Laos saddened her being surrounded by so much poverty. In Northern Thailand though, she’s surrounded herself with lots of new experiences and friends. Jealous! Looks amazing!

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The Language of Kings

ThaiTempleThis awesome card comes from Mark in Thailand where he says it’s a lovely 30 degrees. Jealous! The card shows Wat Phra Kaew – the King’s Temple in Bangkok. He tells me that the king is so revered that he even has his own language which is only used when talking to him! How fascinating! Mark’s also kind enough to teach me some Thai – Sawasdee – hello! Great card!

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