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postcards2_4_2This very green card comes from Carole in Germany. So, here is lots of green for you to enjoy! The words read (roughly translated, courtesy of google, so excuse the poor translation):

Wellness tip: green brings balance, provides peace, safety and security. The soul is placed in positive vibrations. Green stands as a source for creativity and leaves you wanting new things. A greener room seems relaxing and revitalizing.

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What Are Friends For?

postcards3_2My best friend, Minjae, in England, sent me this card after I’d had a rough couple of weeks at the end of November. She says “I feel that you of all people will relate and love the quote on the front.” I am not sure whether to be offended or not… Hmm… I can definitely relate! That’s for sure! This card is so simple but really put a smile on my face in a way that only a good friend can. Thanks Minjae!

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The Pointing Man

postcardsAgain from the wonderful Minjae in England comes this great card: The Pointing Man, another of the Tate Modern’s exhibits, although this one is slightly less odd than the Lobster Telephone. We both particularly enjoy the fact that this piece of artwork is called “The Pointing Man”… what an inventive name! Minjae is currently enjoying a little rest and relaxation after she just got her Masters in Archaeology. Clever girly!

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Varna Necropolis

postcards_2_3Another addition to my collection of oddities comes from Dilyana in Bulgaria. I love this card because whilst it really appeals to my archaeological side and I do find it fascinating to look at, I also agree with Dilyana – why is it a postcard! This is really up there with my Oetzi postcard! I like the idea that someone on holiday in Bulgaria would choose this card as opposed to a typical touristic view of the country to send to their friends! This gentleman here (well, I assume he’s of the male sex, considering the delightful gold “ornament” below his hips), dates to around 4000 BC and can be found in the Varna Museum of History and Art. Wonderful card! And despite your concerns, Dilyana, not too weird. I wonder if there even is a postcard out there that’s ‘too weird’ for me! Anyone up for the challenge of finding one?

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Bizarre Bugs!


This very strange card comes from 30 year old Nicky in the Netherlands who is in love with the band Apocalyptica. So in love with them, in fact, that she doesn’t say anything else, so I am left baffled as to why she chose this strange card for me! It’s like a weird riddle!


A Hungarian Spa

postcards2_2_2_2One of my weirder postcards in my collection! It’s just so strange that I love it! This one comes from Laci in Hungary and is only my second card from the country. Apparently Bukfurdo is one of Europe’s most famous spas and it is situated only a couple of miles away from where Laci lives. The powers of Hungary’s healing waters were first made famous by the Romans and even today people flock to these places! Great card!

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One For The Collection!

postcards2Any long-term follower of my blog may well remember Igor from the USA with whom I did a direct swap and then postcrossing picked him for me to send an ID card to, initiating further swaps and a new follower for my blog! He has always been very helpful with my deciphering of some of my eastern European (specifically Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian) cards and I really appreciate his kindness. So it was a wonderful surprise to receive this hilarious card from him in the mail the other day to add to my creepy/awful/strange postcards collection and isn’t it just great? He bought it in Tombstone Arizona which was apparently renowned for its ‘justice’ system in the 1800’s… hmm! I just love these tombstones though! Awesome card! I’d be interested to know though (maybe Igor can help here…?) what came first – Tombstone’s name or its nature?


Irish Rush Hour!

IrelandRushHourThis fun card comes from Brian in Dublin, Ireland who tells me he chose it for my love of green pastures – definitely a a good choice as I also have a soft spot for cows! These “Rush Hour in…” cards are quite common across the British Isles, so it’s like a little piece of home to me!

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An R-Rated Card!

Willy!It’s not really R-Rated. In fact, I think anyone who doesn’t see the humor and liberating freedom of this card really needs to loosen up as I love it! Sent from Manfred in Germany, it shows Ekkeheart Gurlitt posing by a streetsign bearing his name. The quote reads “A kangaroo can only jump high if it has empty pockets”! Ha! I don’t really understand why this card was ever made but it is just hilarious! Manfred tells me he hopes I enjoy it in my collection of odd cards and (if I understand rightly) that he has even met Mr Gurlitt himself! Amazing!

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Two Very Different Cards!

uluruCountryBumsThese two cards come from Aga in Australia. The first card is probably a new favourite of mine from the country – I just love the colours in the photograph! Aga tells me that Uluru and the Olgas really do change colour every minute during sunrise and sunset and that it is one of the most beautiful things she’s ever seen in her life. It looks it! It is honestly stunning! The second card is, of course, part of my awful postcard challenge! Aga wonders who was responsible for this company’s artistic department – I have to agree! Although it is very funny! She tells me that Moree is famous for its heating baths. Very cool cards. It’s also worth pointing out that in the place where the stamp should be stuck on the Uluru card (luckily Aga has stuck the stamp elsewhere, so I was able to see this amazing fact), it states “Did you know – the world’s first postcard was issued in Vienna on 1-10-1869”. I did not know actually! So interesting!

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