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A Romanian Tram Depot

postcards2_2_2This beautiful old scene comes from Ciprian in Romania who chose this card as it shows a traditional scene for me. Amazing! For those interested, this is the main tram depot in Cotroceni, a suburb of Bucharest.

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A Vintage Kenyan Card

postcardsFrom my mum’s collection of vintage postcards from around the world comes this one showing a Kenyan Masai girl (I think it’s a girl, but if I’m being horribly offensive or presumptuous here, do feel free to correct me!). My mum sent it in a parcel with some tights I’d asked her to send as she said it might ‘offer me alternative thoughts re leg-coverings’, well, they’re definitely beautiful! That being said, however, neither my mum nor I are particularly sure on the very colonial caption ‘East African Types’… hmmm… apparently it was part of a series of cards called “Africa in pictures” too. Well, regardless, it makes a lovely addition to my collection!

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Vintage South Africa

postcards2Ruhan says these cards aren’t in print anymore – that makes it vintage, doesn’t it? So, here’s an old South African card to show you all. It’s also my housewarming card from my wonderful friend who is grumpy because he wasn’t invited to the housewarming. My bad. Ruhan, if you want to come, you’re absolutely invited! Great card!

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A House-Warming Card

VintageBuckinghamIf you were wondering about my recent absence from WordPress (which I doubt you even noticed, but just in case…), it’s because I’ve been in the process of moving house. The chores, the hardwork, the lack of postcards and change of address, not to mention the lack of internet has all combined into a ‘not updating regularly’ fiasco which has resulted in this sudden publishing of all my hoarded cards over the past few weeks! This one arrived the other day from my mum in England as a housewarming card showing Buckingham Palace, it’s another from my grandparents’/great-grandparents’ collection that was never posted and that I’m slowly receiving and my mum guesses (from the girl’s white miniskirt and boots) it’s from the 1960s. I’d say she’s probably right! She wishes us happy times in our new flat and starts an A A Milne poem before realising (in the way only mums can) that she has quoted the wrong poem and meant to start one about Buckingham Palace and not one about a missing person.

Side note: Mum, if you’re reading this, I think you meant to start “They’re changing guards at Buckingham Palace”, not “James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree.”

Side side note: Mum, it’s Morrison, not Robinson.

Got to love mums!


A Vintage Mummy!

BoatMummyThis card from Yvon in the Netherlands really appeals to me since she tells me it is part of her father’s collection. Apparently he used to collect cards from around the world and now she sends them on to countries he’s never visited. What a lovely idea! Initially I thought this mummy was in a boat but upon inspection of the card it is actually one of the Wieuwerd mummies in Friesland which were found in a crypt and are thought to belong to a protestant religious movement during the 17th century. Amazing! Perfect for my archaeological self!

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Vintage Russia

VintageMoscowThis has got to be one of my favourite cards ever received from Russia – what a fantastic picture of Moscow’s Red Square in the 1920s! It was sent by Irina, who lives in Moscow herself and tells me the city is still very beautiful. Amazing card!

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Vintage Dubrovnik

VintageDubrovnikThis beautiful card comes from Mirna in Croatia and came with a birthday card for me. She tells me that she found this beautiful card in a flea market and was surprised to find it unwritten. It is totally gorgeous, with vintage cards like this, I always wonder who the first person to buy it was and when! Love it!

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Vintage Paris

ParisVintageI really love this vintage-style card from Alexandra in France who tells me (in French) that she lives in Fontainebleau but that she loves Paris and the Eiffel Tower – it is definitely a beautiful city and I love this unusual view of it!

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Vintage Soviet Cards!



So these postcards arrived yesterday with no writing or note to suggest who or where they were from. After deciphering the stamp, though, I eventually realised they were from Osman in Azerbaijan who I arranged a swap with a while ago. With a little deciphering of the cyrillic alphabet on the backs of these cards, I learned they are vintage (from the 1950s I think) and were distributed in the USSR. The first shows an inn in Moscow and the second shows (I think) a picture on display in Kiev Art Museum. If anyone knows anything else about these two images, I’d love to know! I also particularly liked the fact that my address was written with “via Germany” at the end… Not one I’ve seen before!

Edit: I have attached the back of the postcards in case anyone can give any info about them! Thank you!


Fixing the Empire State Building

EmpireStateThis amazing picture comes from Maartje in the Netherlands and shows workers on the television mast of the Empire State Building – 1250 feet above the ground. It makes me shiver just looking at it… I am not a fan of heights. That being said, what an incredible photo! I wonder who took it!

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