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The Moomins!

When I was a child, my mum read me the Moomins books as bedtime stories, as I got a bit older, I was allowed to watch them on video (in the pre-DVD days), I now have a collection of Moomin paraphernalia at home (make up bag, handbag, mirror, scissors, notelets…) so its barely necessary for me to say how happy I was to see this gorgeous card on my doorstep featuring so many of the classic characters. Sent (of course) from Finland by Leena, I was really cheered up to get this!

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A First From Canada!

Glenna, from Canada, was kind enough to send me this lovely card. It shows her local wildlife (yes, I’m very jealous, the most we get here is a fox at best!) and some beautiful scenery. On the back she is kind enough to talk about my love of creative writing and how I should join a writing group – perhaps not a bad idea!

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A Bouncing Deer!

I had 3 postcards in my mail this morning, much to my delight! So I’ll start with this one. This comes from Kristine in Germany who tells me on the back how London is her favourite European capital, but that she prefers nature to big towns. I have to be honest, I totally agree! And I really love the cute image!

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A Much-Appreciated Postcard To Brighten An Otherwise Awful Day

So today was one of those days which just didn’t go well, pretty much from start to finish. After numerous problems (not sleeping well, bad back, extreme tiredness…) throughout the morning, I ended up in hospital this afternoon with a torn ligament in my ankle and not even an exciting story to tell about how it got there. Four hours (yes, four) after being admitted into said hospital, I was released to walk home on some painful crutches. So you can only imagine how glad I was to see a postcard in the mailbox, and a beautiful one at that! This card has an image of absolute natural beauty which I love, not to mention that Sunny, from Slovenia, tells me how the Boka falls are the highest and most powerful in the country. A really gorgeous card!

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An English Church in Barbados!

Another great card from Merissa. This one shows Saint John’s Church in Barbados, which she’s chosen for its English style architecture. What I really love about this card is that it could be England with the architecture, the leafy deciduous trees, the dappled effect of the sun on the church… Then you look closer and see a tell-tale palm tree that you’d never find over here! Beautiful card!

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Carribbean Coastline

This arrived today in my mail from Barbados from Interpals penpal, Merissa. It came in an envelope with another card from the island (which I’ll mention in a separate post) and with a stamp of Will and Kate on their wedding day! Before I talk about this card, I’d like to mention that it was sent on Thursday, and today is Monday, meaning that, excluding the Royal Mail’s Royal Day Off on Sunday, it took all of four days to get here. I am incredibly impressed! Moving on though, I love this card, the picture just seems so peaceful with crystal waters that you just don’t get over here. Merissa also tells me about their gorgeous weather too. Makes me jealous!

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A Homemade Postcard!

Well, this has to be one of my favourite postcards I have ever received. Ivy, from Australia, tells me how she has made the card herself out of leaves from her backyard in the bush. She also tells me about the local frogs which sometimes find themselves in her toilet! I absolutely love the fact that someone has taken the time and effort to make me such a unique card!

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A First From Lithuania

This one is from Olga in Lithuania, my first from the country! On it she tells me about the importance of castles in tradition there and how her local one in Trakai is associated with a specific Duke. Its a really interesting historical postcard!

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“Travel By Train” to Kent

Here’s another postcrossing card, waiting for me in my post yesterday after I returned from a trip to Paris. This one is from Ann, in Deal, Kent. The old-fashioned design reminds me of a similar old British Railways poster my Dad has up in our bathroom at home encouraging train travel in Snowdonia. Ann tells me that since then, this area hasn’t changed, except for the traffic!

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An Archaeology Theme

This one’s an archaeologist’s worst nightmare (or best dream?)! Artist Ai Weiwei’s Coloured Vases. I received this today, from Michaela in Germany. It shows Neolithic vases having been dipped in industrial paint! On the back, Michaela tells me about her travels to England, but what I really like is that she’s taken the time to read my postcrossing profile and find a card relevant to me (in this case, archaeology). And it’s a great, colourful picture!

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