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Cambodian Temples


These two wonderful postcards are my first from beautiful Cambodia and I was so thrilled to receive them from Elma. The first shows Angkor Wat and the second shows the Gate of Angkor Thom. She tells me how she really loves the second card as she loves animals, but she is also sad to see them used in such a way as they carry people to and from the temple for their whole lives. Despite this sad fact, these two cards are incredibly beautiful and I love them!

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A Cambodian Card From Germany!

This absolutely stunning card comes (somewhat surprisingly) from Germany and not Cambodia as you might think! Karl says he’s never visited South America (which is where my archaeological interest lies) but that he’s sure I’d also love the city of Siem Reap in Cambodia and has sent me a card he picked up from Angkor Wat during 5 days he spent there. I am so jealous! Of course, I would have loved to learn more about places like this at uni but just never got the chance!

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