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Snowy Russia

After 30 days travelling, this card reached me a few days ago. Its from Anna in Tula, Russia who says she chose it as she likes to remember winter in the heat of summer (although she admits that summer hasn’t quite reached Tula yet). A lovely, warm-hearted card and very much appreciated, put a smile on my face, especially as I’ve been so preoccupied with the move!




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A Canadian Grizzly

So, it’s been a while since I last posted. The main reason for this is because I’m moving to Guernsey (a small island in the Channel Isles, google it if you don’t know – it should be a great place to live!) which means I’ve had to stop receiving mail for a while. This card however, managed to slip through the net. It’s from Italian penpal Ellu who has just moved to Canada to study. As always, she sends a really cheerful card and tells me she chose this picture as she actually saw a grizzly bear herself – jealous!




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Some People Are Too Talented!

This stunning card comes from Fumi in Taiwan and believe it or not its handmade, painted with water colours! I feel incredibly priveliged to receive this card, especially as she tells me it is the first of her own she has sent out. Wonderful and very unique card, definitely on my favourites list!

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Historical Dunhuang

This beautiful card comes from Shanshan in China. As usual for cards from the country, it has come complete with some really beautiful stamps! Shanshan tells me that Dunhuang is an amazing place with a lot of visible history and beautiful art and sculptures. A really unique and lovely card!

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Applied Art of Belarus

This postcard’s slightly obscure as it has no description of what the picture is of, other than the ‘applied art of Belarus’ slogan you can see on the top of the card. Sent by Olga, it seems to show a man playing a horn he has just made. She says nothing on the back to give it away, only a happy postcrossing message and the postcard description itself is rather cryptic, but does state this picture is something to do with the Braslav Museum of Traditional Culture. Interesting card!

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