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Vintage Dubrovnik

VintageDubrovnikThis beautiful card comes from Mirna in Croatia and came with a birthday card for me. She tells me that she found this beautiful card in a flea market and was surprised to find it unwritten. It is totally gorgeous, with vintage cards like this, I always wonder who the first person to buy it was and when! Love it!

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Osijek Post Office

OsijekPOThis lovely card comes from my friend Mirna in Croatia. She tells me it shows the Osijek post office which was built in 1912 and is still used for the same purpose today! She says she’s read it’s the second biggest building in Croatia but that she’s not sure that it’s true! Regardless, she says it is enormous. Really interesting to learn about! Great card!

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A Winter Bird

WinterBirdI’ve been a little absent from my blog lately since Guernsey Post has been fantastically sporadic. Who knew that our apartment complex being given individual mail slots in our doors and the removal of the large mailbox outside would cause such chaos? Oh well… It seems things are slowly getting back to normal! This wonderful card comes from Mirna in Croatia and shows an illustration entitled “Winter Bird” although we both can admit to thinking of the dove carrying olive branches and ‘peace’ springing to mind. Either way, it’s a very cute card and I love it. The bird looks so cheerful!

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A Croatian Christmas

CroatiaXmasThis lovely card comes from penpal Mirna in Croatia where she tells me December 5th was the first snow of the year (Jealous! Haven’t had any here yet!) she wishes me a merry Christmas and happy new year. She’s also included two awesome stamps – one for the 2013 new year release and one of the Neanderthal museum in Krapina which I did not know existed but sounds very cool! Love this card!

I’m actually in England until the New Year so may not be uploading any more cards onto here for a while, so would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, thank you all for following my blog and an even bigger thanks to those who have sent out the cards in the first place. It’s been a great year, but here’s hoping 2013 will be even better!

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A Card For A Good Cause

This card from my Croatian penpal Mirna is really great since it is actually in support of a massive charity effort run by Kozmo pharmacies. By buying one postcard, 1 square metre of land will have landmines removed from it. Mirna tells me that despite the war ending nearly 20 years ago, over 700 square kilometres of the country are still full of mines so this effort is extremely important. What an amazing card, and for such a great cause.

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Another From Adi

Kindly, and to my surprise, another card arrived today from Croatian Adi, this time showing a vintage picture of his town Rovinj. He says he chose it since I like history and that his town historically was an island but in the 18th century this piazza was created to connect it with the shore in the place of an old wooden bridge. Amazing!




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A Beautiful Croatian Card

This stunning card comes from Adi in Croatia. He tells me this picture shows modern Rovinj and centrally you can see St. Euphemia’s church. He says Saint Euphemia is also considered the protector of the town. He also includes a great quote by Seneka – ‘Non quia difficilia sunt non audemus, sed quia non audemus difficilia sunt’ (It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult). Really great card and the picture is SO beautiful!





Dubrovnik From The Air

This really lovely image of Dubrovnik comes from Croatian penpal Mirna who has also included a lovely special-edition Olympic stamp for me! Croatia actually got their best ever medal score this year! Mirna tells me that the city of Dubrovnik is the number one tourist destination in the country and is especially popular with celebs and cruisers – can’t say I blame them, it looks beautiful! She also points out you can see the main street (Stradun) from the air. Gorgeous card, with a really summery feel!




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A Card From My Legica

This really beautiful card comes from penpal Mirna in Croatia. It came as part of a parcel in which she also sent some ‘lega-lega’ coasters. On the card she explains that lega is an expression used only in Osijek (her town) meaning ‘friend’ (with legica being the feminine form) and lega-lega is a local brand-name so the coasters are totally unique to her town. What an amazing gift! It was such an awesome surprise! She also tells me this postcard is a reprint of a 1910 postcard of Osijek, showing the old part of the town, built in the 17th-18th century. Really beautiful and a great surprise!

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This beautiful card comes from Mirna, my Croatian penpal (originally from postcrossing!). It shows her hometown of Osijek which she tells me all about on the back. It is the 4th largest city in the country and she says there’s lots of archaeology to be found there since it was built over the Roman settlement of Mursa. It sounds like a lovely place to live from what she describes and she tells me how she cycles everywhere. Gorgeous card!

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