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Indonesian Paddy Fields


Scan 1 - Version 2One of my favourite postcards yet, I just love this beautiful rice scene from Irien in Indonesia. She tells me that rice is a staple for everyone in her country, not just in cuisine but also with cultural importance. She says most people will eat it plain with protein and vegetables as side dishes. Fantasic card! I just adore this scene!

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Balinese Dance


ScanThis great card comes from Irene in Indonesia and explains a little background to some of the dances native to the island of Bali. There isn’t much more to tell as the paragraph on the card pretty much says it all! But I will take the opportunity to say how nice it is to be back. I had to take a break from blogging and postcrossing for a while as life got a bit manic. The postcards didn’t stop arriving though! I have too many wonderful contacts and friends online! Happy to be back, I’ve missed you all!

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Istana Bogor

postcards_2_2This pretty card comes from Maya in Indonesia and shows Istana Bogor – one of the six presidential palaces in the country. Originally built in 1744, the palace has been constantly added to over the years and attracts a modest 10,000 tourists per year. It also holds an art collection and is home to a herd of spotted deer originally brought over by the Dutch! Great card, thanks Maya!

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postcards3From Anis, Indonesia, comes this lovely card of Bali, which is supposedly one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Although, to be honest, I think that a lot of islands could claim that! Although it is perhaps the most famous, Bali is actually Indonesia’s smallest province, but still has a population of over 3 million, swelling enormously in tourist season. It is also home to most of Indonesia’s Hindu minority. Fascinating. Beautiful card too!

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Borobudur Temple

postcards_3This pretty card comes from Anis in Indonesia and shows the beautiful Borobudur Temple – the largest temple in the world. Dating back to the 9th century, before being surprisingly abandoned a few hundred years later (why is a mystery). It was then rediscovered, covered in jungle growth in the 1800s – the days when archaeologists ruined everything and looted places, but lets face it, probably enjoyed their jobs a lot more! Fantastic card! Thanks Anis!

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Maija Visits Bali

BaliI love this beautiful view over Bali! It was sent to me by my friend Maija who’s on holiday over there at the moment. She describes the country as “voodoo, Hindu, surfing, crazy dances and traffic” haha! She says it’s more touristy than Thailand was (she was there before) but she loves the volcanoes, the arts village of Ubud and a monkey forest she’s visited! Sounds amazing! Apparently she’s heard the locals say you can see dolphins in the early morning so she plans to get up at 5am to do so. Looks like paradise. Love this card!

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Indonesian Rice Terraces

This stunning card comes from Heidy in Indonesia. It shows Tana Toraja rice terraces with traditional houses in the distance. Heidy tells me that it is currently on UNESCO’s tentative world heritage site list. Really lovely cultural card!

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My First From Indonesia!

This wonderful, colourful card comes from Intan in Indonesia as part of a postcrossing direct swap. She tells me her hometown is a city called Bantung but that now she has to live in Jakarta for work. She explains that the picture is of a traditional dance in Bali called Barong which tells a story of a fight between good and evil. She says that every one of the thousands of islands of Indonesia has its own traditions, laguages, tribes, building styles and beautiful places. She also mentions her favourite UNESCO site in Indonesia – Borobudur Temple, the biggest temple in south east Asia and if she gets the chance she says she’ll send me a card from Komodo Island which is apparently now one of the new seven wonders of the world. Oh, I do hope she does! I have watched so many documentaries about the beautiful place! Wonderful card!




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