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Penang Meet Up


Scan 2This beautiful card comes from Violet in Malaysia along with some other postcrossers at a meet up. I particularly like how this card was clearly designed and printed specifically for the event – which makes it very unique. On it you can see: Penang Hill Fenicular Train, Penang Bridge, Komtar and the Kek Lok Si Temple. Great card! Thanks Violet!


Kuan Yin Teng Temple


Scan 1This lovely card comes from Haebaragi in Malaysia and shows the Kuan Yin Teng temple – the oldest temple in Penang. Built in the early 1800s by Chinese settlers, it is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. My favourite bit? The DO NOT FEED PIGEON sign proudly displayed in this image!

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Sultan Abdul Samad Building


Scan 1 - Version 2From Grace in Malaysia, I got this lovely card showing the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Perhaps predictably, it is named after the reigning sultan at the time of construction in the late 1800s. Now it is decorated in beautiful lights as part of Kuala Lumpur’s lovely urban nightscape!

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A Malaysian Mouth-Watering!


Scan 3This card, looking practically edible itself, arrived from Idaline in Malaysia and shows a variety of fruits, all of which are grown in Malaysia. Idaline particularly recommends the spiky Durian as her favourite. I must admit I’ve never tried it, but now I want to! This all looks delicious!

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Anuar Dan

Scan 6 - Version 2From Victoria Jane in Malaysia, I received this great card, designed by Malay artist Anuar Dan who is famed for his creations piecing together local artefacts and architecture to create artwork depicting Malay heritage. His works supposedly bring times of the past into the present and remind people of ‘days gone by’. It is very pretty!

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A Rungus Beader

Scan 4 - Version 2This beautiful card comes from Fiona in Malaysia and shows a beader from the Rungus ethnic group. Fiona tells me this lady will live in a longhouse where about twenty families will all live together. Historically, the jar in front of the lady would have been used as a burial jar and placed in caves. However now they are used for storing water for bathing. Fiona also mentions that the Rungus still keep many of their old traditions. Absolutely fascinating! Thanks so much for the explanation Fiona!

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Petronas Twin Towers

MalaysiaTwinTowersFrom Hasbullah in Malaysia, I received this beautiful card showing the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. I love how dominant they are over the rest of the skyline! Beautiful!

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Halong Bay

HalongBayThis stunning view over Vietnam’s Halong Bay was sent to me  from Zarif in Malaysia after his grandmother visited Vietnam. He tells me he hopes to go there when he is older. Halong Bay is actually a place I’ve always wanted a card from, so I was thrilled to receive this!

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My First From Malaysia

This really stunning card comes from Catherine in Malaysia and shows the Petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur which, she tells me, were the tallest buildings in the world between 1999 and 2004. She tells me she’s excited about the Olympics and wishes she were in London for it. A really chatty and friendly card!

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Malaysia via China

This lovely postcard comes from Lulu in China, who bought it whilst on holiday in Malaysia last year. She tells me her camera got stolen by a monkey who only returned it after he discovered it wasn’t food! A lovely, cute anecdote and a beautiful card.

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