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Scan 6 - Version 3This cool card comes from Sebastian in Germany and shows Moritzburg Palace. 8 miles from Dresden, this old Baroque castle dates to the 1500s and was built for its exceptional hunting grounds. Named after Duke Moritz of Saxony, the old hunting lodge is now a beautiful tourist attraction!

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Scan 3 - Version 3From Martina on a trip to Germany I received this card showing the city of Passau. Home to 50,000 people, more than 20% of the population of this city are students. Also known as the City of Three Rivers, Passau is the meeting point of the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz. As such, most of the touristic spots in Passau are located along the river. Very pretty card!

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Scan 2 - Version 2This great card is from Milad in Iraq and shows Liberation Square and the Freedom Monument on the left and a sunset over the Dijla (Tigris) River on the right. Liberation Square is the largest square in Baghdad and commemorates the 1958 establishment of the Republic of Iraq. The river runs close by. Lovely card!

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Scan 2 - Version 3This cool card comes from Teresa in Portugal and shows the city of Coimbra. With a magical library and a university that was established in 1290, this city is just full of culture and history! Hidden in the city’s depths you can also stumble across Roman structures and buildings that date back to the days when this was actually Portugal’s capital. Amazing!

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Lange Jaap


Scan 1 - Version 4This cool card from Bo in the Netherlands shows Lange Jaap: the tallest non-skeletal, cast-iron lighthouse in the world. Well now, I bet you didn’t know that! Built in 1878, Lange Jaap is 63 metres tall and believe it or not it has 17 floors and 284 steps! Ouch! Wouldn’t want to work up there!

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Scan 1 - Version 2This cool card comes from Paulina in Finland and shows the country’s capital: Helsinki. What you might not know about the largest Finnish city is that its name actually derives from the tongue of the original Swedish settlers (as with many places in Finland) and in fact was named after an area in central Sweden – Hälsingland! Fascinating!

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Penang Meet Up


Scan 2This beautiful card comes from Violet in Malaysia along with some other postcrossers at a meet up. I particularly like how this card was clearly designed and printed specifically for the event – which makes it very unique. On it you can see: Penang Hill Fenicular Train, Penang Bridge, Komtar and the Kek Lok Si Temple. Great card! Thanks Violet!




Scan 2 - Version 3This lovely card comes from Chris in the Netherlands and shows the city of Arnhem which has an incredible history and prehistory. First mentioned in literature in the 800s, human settlement in the area has been dated to at least 70,000 years ago with the find of two ancient fire-stones. Amazing. In more modern history, it was the site of a WW2 battle and now is one of the largest Dutch cities. Here you can see Sonsbeekpark.

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Scan - Version 3

This great card, from Maria in Finland, shows the coastal city of Turku. Here you can see the castle which dates back to the 13th century and is unsurprisingly a hot tourist spot. Maria says she even had her prom there which is very cool! Turku itself is Finland’s oldest city and is full of beautiful history.

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A Fiacre


Scan 1 - Version 3This lovely card comes from Monika (great name…) in Austria and shows one of their famed carriages, or fiacres in front of the Hofburg. Vienna’s palace where, once upon a time, emperors and empresses lived – one of the most famous being Sissi in the 1800s. Now, Monika tells me, it is used as a library, museums and presidential offices. Awesome card!

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