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Dracula’s Castle

This card comes from Raluca and is my first from Romania. Strangely, I received her address at random on Postcrossing then a couple of days later she coincidentally asked me to swap! So I was lucky enough to get this card showing Bran Castle, more infamously known as Dracula’s Castle. Raluca has really kindly explained the history of the place to me – apparently there was a fiercely sadistic ruler who lived there in medieval times who would run spears through his enemies (mostly Turks). She also tells me that ‘Drac’ means devil in Romanian. Awesome card! Love it!




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A Beautiful Rocky Landscape!

This amazing card comes from Igor in the USA. It shows the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and represents my first from the state! He tells me he loves these mountains and that this card shows a unique spot where the elevation has created the only tundra in North America outside of Alaska and Canada. The card also says these particular mountains are called the Never Summer Mountains – named by the Arapaho Indians as there is snow all year round. Very cool card and so beautiful!




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Why Are Chinese Landscapes So Gorgeous?

This stunning card comes from Kristen in China. It shows the Yangtze river looking pretty incredible really! We don’t have landscapes like that over here! Beautiful!




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A First from Rhode Island!

This chilled out card comes from Karen in Rhode Island, the USA. She tells me that hers is the smallest state which I didn’t know! She also mentions how although her house number is in the thousands, she is actually the first house on her street and that numbering works oddly over there – weird! Apparently autumn is arriving in America too though, not just over here. Great card!




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Another From Adi

Kindly, and to my surprise, another card arrived today from Croatian Adi, this time showing a vintage picture of his town Rovinj. He says he chose it since I like history and that his town historically was an island but in the 18th century this piazza was created to connect it with the shore in the place of an old wooden bridge. Amazing!




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Perhaps The Most Terrifying Postcard Ever…

My best friend Minjae, back in London sent me this gem (?) showing good old Queen Elizabeth celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. She tells me she plans to roam London and purchase the most random cards she can find and that Prince Charles is next on her list since (in her words) he is “equally quite something”. She admits the card is petrifying and chatters about her new Masters course at university and how she misses me. Very sweet!

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A First From Austria!

This beautiful card comes from Austrian Sandra as part of a direct swap. She tells me it shows a variety of castles from her area. Definitely brings memories back from my trip to the country a few years ago. Lovely card!




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A Beautiful Croatian Card

This stunning card comes from Adi in Croatia. He tells me this picture shows modern Rovinj and centrally you can see St. Euphemia’s church. He says Saint Euphemia is also considered the protector of the town. He also includes a great quote by Seneka – ‘Non quia difficilia sunt non audemus, sed quia non audemus difficilia sunt’ (It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult). Really great card and the picture is SO beautiful!





An Italian Mountain

This beautiful card comes from Gabriele in Italy. It shows a beautiful Alpine landscape which he says he hopes I’ll like. He’s also used two beautiful stamps. Simple card, but pretty none the less!




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My First From Serbia

This very historical card comes from Alex in Serbia. It shows Belgrade Fortress, which he tells me is 15 minutes from his flat and he has spent many hours chilling out there with his friends. It is also used as a music venue and apparently the day before he sent this, the Prodigy performed there! Great card, with a beautiful fort!




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