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A Vienniese Delight

Scan - Version 2

This yummy card comes from Marina and Igor in Austria. They tell me that the ‘coffee culture’ is big in Vienna, the capital city. Here, you can see a cappuccino (called melange there) and a particularly scrummy looking slice of Sacher cake – a local delicacy made from chocolate, meringue and apricots and served with whipped cream. Anyone else drooling?!

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Snail Mail!

Scan - Version 3 Scan - Version 2 Scan - Version 4

These three awesome cards come from Heather in the USA. The top two were lovingly designed by herself and the third, obviously, shows most people’s dream! Ben and Jerry’s! In case you have been living under a rock your whole life or live in a country unlucky enough to not have access to B&J’s this delicious snack is only the BEST ICE CREAM IMAGINEABLE! That being said, Heather tells me she once sent this card to someone and they replied saying “I don’t like ice cream.”. Maybe part of me (my waistline) wishes I didn’t like ice cream, but in reality, it is just too scrummy to ever give up! Thanks Heather!

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Birthday Cupcake!


Scan 7This delicious, colourful card came from Anne in Luxembourg a few days before my birthday and is just too cute! I would definitely eat that cupcake, although if I tried making it, my artistic skills would leave a lot to be desired! Thanks Anne!

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A Malaysian Mouth-Watering!


Scan 3This card, looking practically edible itself, arrived from Idaline in Malaysia and shows a variety of fruits, all of which are grown in Malaysia. Idaline particularly recommends the spiky Durian as her favourite. I must admit I’ve never tried it, but now I want to! This all looks delicious!

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A Package From India

Scan 3 Scan 3 - Version 4 Scan 3 - Version 3 Scan 3 - Version 2 Scan 5 - Version 2

This lovely selection of cards comes from Som in India and depict some really lovely scenes of his country. First, my favourite, you can see Mirjan Fort in the district of Uttara Kannada which dates back to the sixteenth century and was renowned for its strategic importance. Its grounds spread over ten acres, encompassed by a large moat. Over the centuries it has survived many battles and been ruled by several dynasties. Next is a beautiful bright card showing my favourite flower – the sunflower – which are grown a lot in India for their importance as an oilseed crop. Next, the Red Fort in Delhi, a 17th century fort also encompassed by a water-filled moat. Its design is extremely extravagant and ornamental. Every year on Indian Independence Day (15 August), the national flag is hoisted up at the Red Fort by the Prime Minister who then broadcasts a speech from its ramparts. Next you can see an absolutely delicious looking card! Just look at it makes me hungry! Here you can see Panipuri – a popular street snack of fried crisps filled with tamarind water and masala, traditionally served one at a time in leaf-cups by venders. Finally, you can see an ornamental bronze Nataraja, or Lord of Dance, dating back to the Chola Dynasty. This is considered to be a depiction of the god Shiva, doing the cosmic dance of creation to prepare an old, tired universe for rebirth. A beautiful selection of cards, thank you so much Som! I have learned so much from researching them!

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Russian Gingerbread

postcards2_2_3_2This cute card comes from Ksenia in Russia who tells me that she is celebrating the festivities with ice skating and New Years celebrations. Actually, Russia is renowned for particularly yummy gingerbread, and as an aside, you should check out Tula Gingerbread (beautifully hand-crafted and imprinted) I wouldn’t want to eat it though! It’s too pretty! Thanks Ksenia for this lovely card!

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postcards1_5_2I received this lovely card from Roberta in Italy and man am I excited to make this! It sounds delicious! She chose it for me as it is a perfect combination of cultural traditions with postcards and shows off a local recipe and from an area so famed for its onions, I can’t think of a better place to receive a recipe from! Thanks Roberta!

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Coca Cola

postcards3_2From the wonderful Brandy and Bayley mother and daughter team in the USA, I received this great card along with a Christmas card and a whole array of beautifully Christmassy items! Made my day to receive it! She tells me that in Michigan, winter is beginning to arrive and they had their first snowfall the day before she wrote this and the card shows a mural in her favourite lunch shop “The French Laundry”. Awesome! Thank you so much guys!

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PastaThis funky card comes from Joachim in Germany. He tells me that he loves pasta because it’s easy and delicious – I couldn’t agree more! Love this fun card!

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Guernsey Gâche!

GuernseyGacheThis surprise arrived on my doorstep the other day – from my boyfriend! Of course, we both live in Guernsey but he said he wanted to send me a card as it’s unlikely I’ll receive another from the country! So, here you can see a less-than-attractive view of Castle Cornet, in Saint Peter Port. However, let me draw your attention to the recipe for “Guernsey Gâche”. What, you may well ask, is Guernsey Gâche? Well, apart from sounding like some kind of bizarre euphemism, it is actually a fruit-bread which is quite tasty when eaten with butter and/or toasted. Is the giving of this recipe card some sort of hint that I should branch out on my cooking skill? Well, he denies it… But who knows! Maybe I’ll give it a go!

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