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More Moomins!

Loooooove this Moomins card! It comes from Simikka in Finland who writes nothing more than Happy Postcrossing on the back! I just love the image though – its really cute and the blue background makes it very striking. Probably one of my favourite Moomins cards yet!




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A ‘Unique’ Aerial View!

This card has got to be one of those images that you wonder how it ever made it to a postcard picture! Nevertheless it definitely has a unique charm. Sent by Thea in the Netherlands, it shows Hoorn – an old nautical town. She tells me that ‘Hoorn’ is the old Dutch word for ‘corner’ and that is the shape the coast makes around the town. She also says that Cape Horn in Chile was named after this town since it was the hometown of those who discovered it in 1616. I love finding out new information like this – it makes a postcard so interesting and educational! Brilliant!

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Greenpeace Whale

This lovely image comes from Norma in The Netherlands. She tells me how she loves whales and that its made her happy to send a postcard to Guernsey since she’s never sent one here before (like the majority of people I guess!). I love the simplicity of this image and the back of the card shows its a Greenpeace image, so even better!




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Sleepy Old Munich

This slightly odd postcard comes from Ulrike in Germany. She’s included a beautiful stamp of the 100 year anniversary of the Mittelwald trainline. She tells me she’s just recently moved to Munich after having spent several years living in Dublin. She tells me she chose this card since it shows the typical attitude of those who live in the city for doing things slowly with less stress!

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I was really pleased to receive this unique card showing the Olympic rings in Beijing (I think?), despite it actually being from Julia in Russia! She actually used Touchnote to send this card, which I’d never heard of before, but I think its a lovely way of sending unique images to others – love it!

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An Old Find!

Just found this card that I’d mislaid a couple of weeks ago. Send by Julia in Russia it shows the beautiful Uchan-Su waterfall in Crimea, Ukraine where she says she was on holiday recently. She also tells me how she works as an engineer but also studies Italian since she likes to travel so much away from her hometown of Tula. Gorgeous card!

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“Have You Heard of Greyfriars Bobby?”

Now a card from my sister Peaches who was away with my mum in Edinburgh. This card starts with the line ‘have you heard of Greyfriars Bobby?’. The answer, for me, was no. So I googled it. Turns out he was a little Sky Terrier who stayed by his master’s grave for 14 years after he died and the postcard shows his statue. Very cute story, if a little heart-wrenching! She also tells me all about their time up in Edinburgh where my mum was working at the Fringe – seems like they had some fun! Very cute card!





Send a Card To The Future!

This cute (and very interesting) card comes from Jessica in China. She tells me that she got this card from a coffee shop where you can get them to send you cards on a specific day. The words in the bottom left hand corner mean “send a card to future me”. Really great idea! Jessica has used some lovely vintage stamps on the card too and also tells me she’s sent me another card to look forward to so I can do a direct swap with her.


The Pieniny Mountains

This lovely multiview card comes from penfriend Bart in Poland who sent this whilst on holiday with his parents in the Pieniny Mountains. He tells me that he’s staying in the city of Szczawnica (no idea how that is pronounced!) and that the area is beautiful. He says the mountains aren’t particularly high, but the routes are usually demanding so the final views at the summits are breathtaking in more ways than one! Bart’s favourite view is of Sokolica mountain (the bottom right hand corner) where he says the rocks are enormous before giving way to the old tree visible in the photo. Amazing!




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Phantastische Landschaft

I’ve enlarged this postcard from Ramona in Germany because I think its such a beautiful painting. Sadly the scanner hasn’t done the bright colours any favours though. The painting is called Phatastische Landschaft (Fantasy Landscape) by Miyuki Kato and I adore it, it is so beautiful and bright! Ramona tells me she is a 39 year old librarian and that (of course) she loves books. Lovely card!




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