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A Maori Toa

ToaThis great card comes from Lisa in New Zealand. She tells me that the Maori word for New Zealand (Aotearoa) actually means ‘land of the long white cloud’ because there is so much water surrounding the country that it is often shrouded in mist. Very interesting, I didn’t know that at all. The Toa are traditionally chosen at an early age as Maori warriors and the one in the picture is holding a Taiaha – a dual ended weapon with a club at the top and a spear at the bottom. Amazing card and so informative!

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Another Card From A Cat!

WeirdNZThis card comes from Gordon in New Zealand. Gordon is a cat and has chosen this card because it is terrible. He has pasted a photo of a cute boxer dog at the bottom and his message reads: “Meow, I’m a cat. This card is so boring. I am forced to live with this FATDOG. He wants to EAT ME.” Haha, cute!

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Another fantastic addition to my Hobbit collection, this awesome card comes from Sue in New Zealand. She tells me (in immaculate handwriting) that when she is busy, her favourite foods are pita bread or tacos as they are quick and yummy! Sounds good to me!

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A Hobbit Treasure Trove!

Bilbo GandalfEnvelope GollumEnvelope

As part of a direct swap with Ray in New Zealand I received the wonderful Bilbo maxicard but also, much to my surprise and happiness, got these two wonderful first day cover envelopes of Gollum and Gandalf. How amazing is that? And Ray kindly says that he just wanted the surprise to bring me joy. Definite success on his part. So kind and lovely! The Hobbit maxicards are some of my favourite postcards in existence, so this haul of mail today was brilliant!

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Thorin Oakenshield Maxicard – How Lucky Am I?

ThorinLet’s be honest, what woman alive isn’t slightly in love with Richard Armitage? And as for fans of The Hobbit (book and film) I wonder how many people there are who don’t love the slightly cantankerous Thorin Oakenshield. Well, I’m certainly not one of them! He is my absolute favourite! So, to receive this unique card from Liz in New Zealand was perfect for me! It’s a real treasure in my collection and I absolutely love it! It could not be more perfect!

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A New Zealand Gorge

This amazing card comes from Aaron in New Zealand and shows the Rakaia River Gorge in the South Island. Apparently the waters are fed by the mountain snow. Aaron says it is very typical of rivers around the inland Canterbury area to look like this. By the time it reaches the coast, it is about a mile wide! Stunning card!




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My First From New Zealand!

This stunning card comes from Todd in New Zealand. He tells me it shows the Abel Tasman National Park which is renowned for its golden sands. Apparently (unsurprisingly, I think!) the sunrises are spectacular. A beautiful card and a lovely first for me from the country!

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A Maori Boat from Finland!

This interesting card is actually a photo, taken by Finnish postcrosser Ilari. He tells me he used to live in New Zealand and took this photo at a Maori Museum. He says he chose it over a Finnish card as it matched my profile best. Its really unusual and I like the colours a lot!

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