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Scan 6 - Version 3This cool card comes from Sebastian in Germany and shows Moritzburg Palace. 8 miles from Dresden, this old Baroque castle dates to the 1500s and was built for its exceptional hunting grounds. Named after Duke Moritz of Saxony, the old hunting lodge is now a beautiful tourist attraction!

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Scan 3 - Version 3From Martina on a trip to Germany I received this card showing the city of Passau. Home to 50,000 people, more than 20% of the population of this city are students. Also known as the City of Three Rivers, Passau is the meeting point of the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz. As such, most of the touristic spots in Passau are located along the river. Very pretty card!

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The Elbe Sandstone Mountains


Scan 2This beautiful card comes from David in Germany and shows the stunning Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The range straddles Germany and the Czech Republic and is full of spectacular scenery such as that above. The stunning sandstone peaks were formed millions of years ago when the area was beneath the sea and are now eroded into these eery pinnacles of rock. Absolutely beautiful card, thank you David!

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Scan - Version 4This pretty card comes from Minona in Germany and shows the beautiful town of Bernkastel-Kues which is surrounded by vinyards! Minona actually works in the Cusanusstift (top right) nursing home – the oldest in Germany – which dates to 1557. Amazing! And what a stunning quaint little town! Germany has some real hidden treasures!

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A German Watermill


ScanThis beautiful card showing a watermill in Germany, comes from Irene. Watermills have been used for millenia as a means of channeling and using the power of water to assist in engineering. The earliest example, found in Greece, dates back to the 3rd century BC. This beauty is amongst many in Germany and Irene tells me she loves to walk past it as it is near to where she lives. Beautiful!

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Scan - Version 2This awesome card, from Sandra, comes from Germany’s 8th largest city: Dortmund. Sandra tells me it is most famous for its football team Borussia Dortmund, but it is also full of historical and cultural buildings as can be seen from this card. Lovely multiview!

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An Owly Birthday


ScanThis totally adorable card came from my good friend (and almost-birthday-twin) Hannah in Germany. Unfortunately I couldn’t read most of the back as it came in a delicious packet full of chocolates and Eastery-treats. Sadly, some of the chocolate creme-filled eggs hatched (quite literally) in the envelope en route and stickified the entire contents! However, I think the front gives the right vibe!

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Scan 4 - Version 2This was my first bday card of the year and it is very cute – and functional too, although I can’t bear to ruin the card by using the stickers! This one was another from Ramona and her family, way back on April 5 – just out of interest do I have any birthday twins out there? It seems to be a very unusual date to be born on, so always up for hearing from my birthday sharers!

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Another Easter Delight


Scan 4Another very belated update, this time from Ramona and her beautiful creative family in Germany. Easter in Germany is celebrated in a very similar way to the UK, on a Sunday in March or April and as part of a long weekend. And of course, who doesn’t love chocolate, eggs and cute animals?

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Eltz Castle

Scan - Version 3This fantastic card from Yvonne in Germany shows Eltz Castle, one of only three remaining castles on the banks of the Rhine. Unbelievably, this castle is still inhabited, and not only that, but by the same family who lived there in the 12th century! It is, of course, also available for tourists to visit. I just can’t imagine living in a place like this, it must be magical! Amazing card!

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