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Birthday Cupcake!


Scan 7This delicious, colourful card came from Anne in Luxembourg a few days before my birthday and is just too cute! I would definitely eat that cupcake, although if I tried making it, my artistic skills would leave a lot to be desired! Thanks Anne!

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Luxembourg in Winter

postcards1_4This wintery card comes from Anne in one of Europe’s smallest sovereign nations: Luxembourg. Luxembourg’s full name is actually “The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg” but for obvious reasons this is usually shortened. With a population of just over 500,00 and covering just under 1000 square miles it is the 60th most densely populated country in the world. On this card you can see views of the capital: Luxembourg City. Awesome! Thanks Anne!

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A First From Luxembourg

LuxembourgThis awesome card comes from Jens, from Germany who took a trip to Luxembourg last week because the shopping is cheaper there! I love the history shown in the images and Jens says the river on the left is the Mosel – the border between Luxembourg and Germany. Gorgeous card!

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