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Beautiful Kuusamo

postcards_3_2This stunning card comes from Tarja and shows Kuusamo, a beautiful region in the north of the country renowned for its winter sports scene. Tarja tells me the hills are covered with all types of trees – sounds idyllic!

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A Flower Fairy!

postcardsThis cute card from Pavel in Belarus takes me back to my childhood when I used to love the poems and stories of the Flower Fairies, despite being a tomboy! Pavel says she chose the card because she loves it herself and that she has a cat who ‘helps’ her to write her cards. She says when he is ‘helping’ her, sometimes it is difficult to keep her writing legible! Well, I can empathise there for sure – my dogs back in the UK can be the same!


Romantische Strasse

postcards_3This pretty card comes from Marlen in Germany who tells me that she lives not far from Augsburg in Bavaria and that this card shows their Romantische Strasse (or Romantic Road). Apparently this road was created in the 1950s as a tourist route, based on a medieval trading route, linking together beautiful, traditional and picturesque areas for people to visit. Definitely seems pretty!

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Bizarre Bugs!


This very strange card comes from 30 year old Nicky in the Netherlands who is in love with the band Apocalyptica. So in love with them, in fact, that she doesn’t say anything else, so I am left baffled as to why she chose this strange card for me! It’s like a weird riddle!