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Feel The Love!

Holographic HeartThis awesome holographic postcard comes from Bianca in the Netherlands. She tells me she has a son, Kelvin and many many pets (2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bird and 2 hamsters!). Sounds like blissful chaos to me! She also says it’s -3 degrees where she is. Not envious! It’s bad enough here at 8 degrees! What an awesome card though, hey?

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My First Holographic Postcard

This adorably cute card of Little My comes from Mira in Finland. It is one of the kindest postcards I have received, saying she hopes it makes up for the fact I got a rude email from a postcrosser stating they ‘didn’t collect’ the type of postcard I sent them. Well, its put a smile on my face and made my day – there are some really lovely people out there and this postcard proves it!