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Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

Scan 7Another stunning card from Vero – this time showing the stark contrast in geography on Tenerife. This beautiful island is 785 miles square with a population of almost 900,000. The Canary Islands supposedly got their name when Berber King Juba II discovered particularly vicious dogs there (canaria). The Romans, meanwhile, called Tenerife Nivaria, referring to the snow covered peak of the Teide volcano (seen in this image). By the 14th century, writings refer to the island as Isla del Infierno, or ‘island of hell’, in relation to volcanic eruptions. Tenerife, as it is known today, is so named for the volcano ‘tene’ (meaning mountain) and ‘ife’ (meaning white). Bet you didn’t know all that when you woke up this morning!

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Beautiful Tenerife

Scan 6 - Version 3This beautiful calendar card comes from Spanish Vero, on her holiday to Tenerife. Whilst Tenerife is not its own country, and is a part of Spain, it is part of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands, and attracts 5 million tourists a year. With its spectacular geography and Mediterranean climate, its hardly surprising! So take a moment to enjoy these 12 beautiful images. Thanks Vero!

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