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One For A Giggle


SAM_3046Way back in February, I think I nearly wet myself laughing when this little joy for my collection of ‘awful postcards’ arrived in the mail. If you couldn’t already guess, this one is from Ruhan in South Africa and honestly, it just cracked me up! I mean, there isn’t much more to say about this and the little ‘toy’ included in the plastic box. Brilliant! Thank you so much Ruky! I still laugh hysterically looking at this one. It is going on the fridge to attract more attention!

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Spectacular Cape Town

postcards1_3_2Definitely up in my favourites comes this stunning Cape Town view from Ruhan. I just adore it. He tells me that central yellow building with the blue roof is where this card comes from, which is super-cool! Apparently he walked 4km like a crazy postcard addict to buy this for me! Aww, I feel privileged! I’m sure I’ve gone into detail about Cape Town before, but in case you’ve missed it, that is Table Mountain overshadowing the legislative capital of South Africa. Cape Town is the second most populous city in the country and is extremely popular with tourists, which, with its rich history and stunning panoramas is hardly surprising! Thanks so much Ruky!

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The World’s Fastest Animal

postcards1_4_2This beautiful card comes from Ruhan in South Africa and shows, of course, a cheetah, the world’s fastest animal. The back was totally covered in stamps, too many even for a message. But Ruhan has told me the story he knows for ‘how the cheetah got the marks on its face’. Apparently, a mother cheetah took her cub to the waterhole to drink, when a crocodile stole her cub away from her. The mother cheetah cried so hard that the tears left permanent marks on her face. Sad story, but sweet, so I thought I would share. He tells it better than I do though!

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Cape Town Multiview

postcards3_3This card comes from Liz in South Africa and shows her city of Cape Town. I’m a little confused as she refers to it being my ‘first ever card from Cape Town’… which it isn’t, thanks to the amazing Ruhanand a couple of other postcrossers. Never the less, it is very pretty, showing various views of Table Mountain – one of South Africa’s most famous tourist destinations. Not surprising really, considering how striking it is. Very pretty!

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A Little Piece of Africa

postcards_2_2To celebrate one year of friendship (on October 5th 2012, I believe, was when we first spoke), Ruhan sent me this beautiful card from South Africa and wow, do I love it! Definitely one of my favourites he has sent yet! He explains that this card shows the Zulus and Sothos. The Zulus are South Africa’s largest ethnic group, while the Sotho are one of its oldest. Fantastic card, so cheerful, but so beautiful too. Love it!

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A Glimpse Of My Future

postcards2_2This awesome card comes from my postcard-bestie Ruhan, in South Africa, during a trip he took into the wilds of his country! And wow, do I love it! It shows the Blyde River Canyon in the very north of the country which he tells me is the deepest green canyon in the world at 732 metres! Amazing! Its original name was Blijderivier but it was changed to Blyde River to seem more Afrikaans. I can’t believe how beautiful this area is and Ruhan even send this card with a promise that if I make it to South Africa next summer, he will take me there! Well, that just makes me even more certain that I have to go! What a stunning card!

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Vintage South Africa

postcards2Ruhan says these cards aren’t in print anymore – that makes it vintage, doesn’t it? So, here’s an old South African card to show you all. It’s also my housewarming card from my wonderful friend who is grumpy because he wasn’t invited to the housewarming. My bad. Ruhan, if you want to come, you’re absolutely invited! Great card!

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Table Mountain

postcards2_4My first card from South Africa that isn’t from Ruhan! This one comes from Lyn who lives in Cape Town so I now have another stunning view of Table Mountain. She doesn’t say much other than how beautiful her town is (figured that one out already!), but ever since I received my first card from South Africa, I’ve been falling more and more in love with the place.

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A Long-Awaited Post!

durbanThis spectacular view comes from my much loved friend Ruhan in South Africa and I just love it! I actually received it about a month ago after he went on a trip to Durban on the coast but have refrained from posting since he sent the same card to another postcard collector (and new blogger) Dilyana, who had apparently been avidly following my blog for months and I had no idea! I feel very special! Also, check out the name of her blog – could it have been inspired by mine? Don’t worry Dilyana, I’m only teasing!

Anyway, back to the story, in the way that only Ruhan could, he managed to tell Dilyana he sent us both the same card before she reminded him that she follows my blog. Ruhan then had to ask me not to publish this card until she received her copy so as not to ruin the surprise. Days turned to weeks and it became clear that the South African post had its own ideas and as far as I know, Dilyana has not yet received the card, but has asked me to post this up anyway, since she is now desperate to see it! So, after all the anticipation, here it is in all its glory! I present you with Umhlanga Rocks on the Sugar Coast. Spectacular!

Ruhan tells me that the humidity and low altitude of Durban was difficult for him as he’s more used to the mountains but that it didn’t detract from the beauty of the place. He says that it was even nicer than expected since he’d had a horrible week – starting with the Red Wedding scene in Game of Thrones (I’ll say no more, so as not to spoil it for anyone) and then his car breaking down on the way to the airport, resulting in him missing his flight! Not good! However, he says once he arrived things took a turn for the better and despite the overpricing of the city, it was a nice trip. He also says (and I quote) “I also discovered that we have those orange spray-tan people here, in a tropical region, I mean really!” It seems they get everywhere!

Beautiful card! Thanks Ruhan! And Dilyana, I hope it reaches you soon!


Soppy Hyena

SadHyenaFrom the awesome Ruhan comes this adorable card! It’s very appropriate since his modem has been out of order for the last few months so we haven’t skyped in forever! I just love how grumpy yet cute this hyena looks! Ruhan tells me he just got back from Durban, which I already knew since I received another card from him from there, but I am under strict instructions not to post it yet since one of his other penpals follows my blog and he sent her the same card! Such a sweet card!

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