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Estonia via Belgium

postcards_2_2_2This pretty card comes from Estonian Krista who now lives in Belgium. I don’t know much about Estonia, but from the few cards I’ve received, these hut-like barns are quite common in the countryside there. Great card!

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Saint Catherine’s Passage

postcards2_2I find this card, from Tmun (possibly a completely incorrect spelling of the name there but I can’t make out her writing very well) in Estonia, really peaceful. It reminds me of a Dickensian scene in London or something. Tmun tells me it is a scene of Saint Catherine’s Passage in her town of Tallinn and having googled it it just looks stunning! Apparently the passageway is medieval and very popular with tourists! Gorgeous!

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Estonian Wildlife

EstoniaWildlifeThis pretty card comes from Ainika in Estonia, I love it because it really shows off the wildlife and natural beauty of the country which I don’t know much about! I also love the autumnal colours – very pretty!

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An Estonian Maxicard

EstoniaMaxiThis wonderful card comes from Maj in FInland who tells me she bought this awesome maxicard in Estonia recently. She also mentions she has two grandchildren, the youngest only got her name (Venla) last week! Apparently the name is from Finnish literature – adorable! Her grandson is called Lukas, which is a gorgeous name too.

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A Sniff Greetings Card

SniffThis cute card comes from Hellen in Estonia, admittedly it is a greetings card which kind of defeats the object of postcrossing and she hasn’t written on it either, but it is redeemed by the fact the envelope was covered in beautiful stamps and also, who doesn’t love Sniff! He is too cute!

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How To Make An Estonian Snowflake

SnowflakeMakingThis cute and Christmassy card comes from Pirjo in Estonia where she tells me it has been very snowy. Such an adorable picture, and very seasonal! I’ve been displaying all my Christmas/snow themed cards as part of my Christmas decorations this year, so I’ll be adding this one for sure!

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My First From Estonia!

This card comes from Janne in Estonia as part of a direct swap and shows the capital, Tallinn. She tells me it got added to the UNESCO list in 1997. It also has a very cool Olympics stamp. Great card!

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