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Dunmoe Castle

postcards_2There is something about Irish cards which makes them always beautiful I think… or maybe it’s just that Ireland itself is stunning! This one, showing Dunmoe Castle, built in the 15th century and burned down in 1799, is from German-born Claudia who says she is lucky enough to live near the castle! I am jealous!

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Oh Grandma…

postcardsMy Grandma is one of the loveliest, funniest, maddest people you will ever meet. So when I received this card from Ireland with four English stamps on it (we are unsure why… as they use Irish stamps in Ireland and you would only need one stamp if you were posting it from England…), I knew it had to be from her. Here you can see the spectacular rocks of the Burren in County Clare, which seem like a moonscape – I’ve been there, it’s amazing! Fantastic to have a little reminder of the place!

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Stunning Connemara

ConnemaraTwo years ago I spent a wonderful holiday with my family in Connemara, Ireland. So it was a really pleasant surprise to receive this gorgeous card today from Claudia, originally from Germany, but who now lives in Ireland. Truly spectacular card and I love the light effects!

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A Familiar Friend (And Spooky Coincidence)

This gorgeous Beatrix Potter postcard comes from Melissa in Ireland who bought it at the British Museum whilst in London recently. Its interesting she should choose to send it to me, since when I first started postcrossing in February, I bought the exact same card from there, coincidentally I only sent it out this week on the 29th of March. Spookily, her date on the card shows that is when she sent this one out to me! A lovely coincidence and a beautiful card, one that clearly always intended to stay in my collection!!

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The Burren, Ireland

This gorgeous card comes from my lovely Aunty Kayt. She lives over in County Clare and I visited her last summer for the first time. The scenery in the area is absolutely stunning and she has chosen this card to remind me of the Burren (not far from where she lives). The tall towers such as the one shown in here were used to hide priests and wealth of the churches when they were raided. Lovely to hear from her and a very nostalgic card for me!

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Grandma Goes to Ireland

Sent by my Grandma in 2009, this postcard shows pictures of the Aran Islands, although I’m not sure why, as I don’t think she actually visited them on this trip to Ireland. Anyway, her brief message is a very traditional post-card filler, talking about her holiday to visit my aunt, the weather and the fact she’s having a good time. And if anyone thinks the Aran Islands look beautiful from this picture that’s because they are – I went there in 2011 and would recommend them to anyone.

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