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Ukrainian Carpathians


Scan - Version 4This beautiful card comes from Yuroslava in the Ukraine. Here you can see the stunning Carpathian mountains. Running through Central and Eastern Europe, the Carpathians are the second longest European mountain range and they really captivate my imagination. The forests, the isolation. I just love them! The name ‘Carpathians’ is though to originate from the Dacian tribe the Capi. Pictures like this take my breath away!

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Beautiful Carpathians

ScanThis wonderful card comes from Katerina in the Ukraine and shows an impressive scene of the Carpathian mountains. Considering these mountains are the backdrop for the book I am writing at the moment, pictures like this really inspire me. I just love rolling hills and mountains like this as one thing island life really lacks is the feeling of ‘getting lost’. Beautiful. And of course, being Ukrainian, it also has beautiful stamps.

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postcards_4This fun card comes from Maryana in the Ukraine. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I just LOVE Ukrainian stamps, they are always so jolly! I recently posted about Spanish Galicia, however, Lviv used to be the capital of the other Galicia – a geographical and historical area of Eastern Europe. With all the turmoil and suffering in Ukraine at the moment, I think it’s important to look at its rich history and beauty and Lviv certainly incorporates both of those. Situated in the west of the Ukraine, the city itself dates back to the 5th century and is now regarded as one of the country’s cultural centres and boasts a rich history. I hope I can visit one day!

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Lighthouse in a Field of Grass

postcards2From Marianna in Ukraine comes this beautiful card by the talented (and elusive in terms of trying to research her in English) artist Marisya Rudska, who also painted another of the cards in my collection. I like the strangeness of this card, but it also seems very peaceful. Marianna has also been kind enough to use some really awesome stamps, which is always appreciated!

Edit: please see Igor’s comment below for some fascinating info on this ‘sea’ of rye.


Kherson Maxicard

postcards_2This beautiful maxicard comes from Kate in the Ukraine who is clearly very proud of her hometown of Kiev, but wanted to send a maxicard so chose this one of Kherson, in Crimea, where she often goes on vacation which has its origins in Ancient Greece, believe it or not, with the name coming from Chersonesos – an ancient Greek colony, 2500 years ago! The Ukraine really does seem like a beautiful place to visit, and I hope one day I will get the chance!

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A Ukrainian City Hall

postcards_2This pretty card comes from six month old Misha in the Ukraine who is aided in his postcrossing feats by his mother Sveta. The card shows the city hall in Kamyanets-Podilskiy – an old city in the west of the country and on the back I am told all about his big brother Denis and their cat Spilya. Very cute.

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Traditional Ukraine

UkraineCostumeThis sweet card comes from Dimitrij in the Ukraine and shows (I assume) some sort of traditional dance and costume. Most of the back is taken up with an enormous and intricately beautiful stamp (I have never seen one so large) and my address but he finds room to squeeze in greetings from the former USSR. Lovely!

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A Postcard Library

BooksFrom Nataly in the Ukraine I received this unusual card. She says she chose it since if I love writing them, I must also love reading them (true!). She also tells me her favourite name is Victor (her husband’s name) and her favourite food is cottage cheese with sour cream and jam for breakfast (hmm… not sure about that one, but each to their own!). Great card!

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Beautiful Ukraine

UkraineMountainsI have many cards from the Ukraine, but honestly I think this one (from Irina) is one of my favourites as it truly shows the beauty of the country. I think this could be the Carpathians but if anyone wants to correct me, please do, I actually don’t know! Irina tells me she loves hot drinks and in particular coffee with milk (no sugar) and tea – specifically Early Grey. Surprisingly, despite being British, I’m not a tea fan, but can definitely agree with her on the coffee front!

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Odessa – Otrada Beach

OtradaBeachThis card comes from Slava in the Ukraine. She tells me she lives in Odessa, and this card shows Otrada beach which is local to her. Lovely card.

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