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Scan - Version 4This great card comes from my beautiful friend Clarissa who was on holiday in Taiwan. Here you can see some of the winding back-alleys of Jiufen. Clarissa tells me that this is her favourite place in the whole country and it is full of steps, yummy food and teahouses. The name ‘Jiufen’ actually comes from the Chinese for ‘Nine Portions’ as historically, nine families lived in this town and whenever merchants visited, nine portions of everything would be requested. Fascinating!

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A Taiwanese Lighthouse

postcards2_2_2This cute card comes from Clare in Taiwan and shows a mystery lighthouse, I have no idea where it is. Clare tells me however that she lives in Hsinchu City the “Wind City of Taiwan” so maybe it is near there? Honestly, no idea! Anyhow, it’s a very pretty card and I find it really interesting that this lighthouse looks so similar to lighthouses here. I guess it makes sense, since the structures are so utilitarian, but still. Interesting!

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Steam Train!

postcards_2This fun card comes from Adward in Taiwan and shows a Taiwanese steam train. Apparently the Taiwanese are quite keen on these little pieces of moving history and I like how quaint they look on their tracks. Lovely card!

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I’m BACK! Here’s an owl

postcardsMy wonderful followers! What a long time it has been! And what a crazily busy summer I had working. I barely had time to even send out any cards, but for some reason they just kept coming in… and in, and in. So now my postcrossing stats are very skewed (many many more received cards than sent ones) and I have a barrage of cards to update my blog with! Not that I’m complaining though! I am a very happy postcrosser!

So to start off the backlog, here is a fantastic maxicard from Yuting in Taiwan showing the aptly named ‘long-eared owl’. Yuting says that they look smart – I agree! And how could someone not love those adorable tufts of feathers? Hmm?!

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The Hengchun Peninsula

Hengchun PeninsulaThis beautiful card comes from Toby in Taiwan and shows a view in the Hengchun Peninsula – an area renowned for its beauty. Toby is 15 and clearly very proud of his country, telling me he loves being able to look at the mountains and the sea at the same time. That definitely sounds cool!

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Enchanting Taiwan

postcards_3There’s something about this spooky postcard, sent from Vivien in Taiwan, that really appeals to me. As she points out, it is eery but captivating and I couldn’t agree more! The colours and the image itself are all very peaceful. Vivien tells me she lives in Taiwan’s oldest and fourth largest city: Tainan and that her favourite food is Japanese. Awesome card!

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Halong Bay

HalongShipAnother postcrossing coincidence, my second ID card from Iris in Taiwan! Strange! This time she’s chosen to send me this beautiful card of Halong Bay in Vietnam. Stunning!

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A Taiwanese Maxicard

TaiwanMaxiThis beautiful maxicard comes from Hsiang Yi in Taiwan who tells me she is a geography teacher in a high school and that she was thrilled to receive Guernsey as a country to send a card to as it gave her a chance to research it. Lovely card!

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Taiwanese Pagaodas


This fun card arrived from Tsuyoshi in Taiwan yesterday. It shows the ‘dragon and tiger pagodas on the lotus pond’ I’m not sure which lotus pond but they are still fun to look at! Tsuyoshi tells me she wants to know more about Guernsey and is excited to be sending a card to a ‘strange’ country! Well, lovely card!

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PandasThis cute card comes from Iris in Taiwan. She tells me she lives in Taipei and that pandas are her favourite animals. Well, they are very adorable! I like how they always look happy!

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