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Nesvizh Castle

postcards2With a very Belorussian colour scheme, comes this card from Yuliya in Minsk. It shows Nesvizh Castle, a residential castle that was originally built in the 1500s and has been added to ever since. Yuliya tells me her favourite name is Alice – the name of her one year old. Sweet!

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Painted Love

postcards_3This sweet card comes from Veronika in Belarus who says she sends love, a smile and happiness with the card – how lovely! She tells me that she is currently studying so that she can eventually be a teacher of children with developmental disabilities. I think that’s a really fantastic goal and she seems like such a happy, determined person, I’m sure she will succeed. So let’s all send some virtual love, smiles and happiness back her way!

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A Flower Fairy!

postcardsThis cute card from Pavel in Belarus takes me back to my childhood when I used to love the poems and stories of the Flower Fairies, despite being a tomboy! Pavel says she chose the card because she loves it herself and that she has a cat who ‘helps’ her to write her cards. She says when he is ‘helping’ her, sometimes it is difficult to keep her writing legible! Well, I can empathise there for sure – my dogs back in the UK can be the same!


Turkey Via Belarus

postcards3_2This stunning card comes from Oly in Belarus who bought it whilst on holiday with her boyfriend in Turkey. It is really stunning! I have never been to Turkey but cards like this make me want to visit! She tells me she is happier now than she has ever been before in her life, so I wish her and her boyfriend all the best!

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Les Mouches et Les Elephants

postcards2_3This lovely card comes from Olia in Belarus and shows a French print by Claude Gillot called “Les Mouches et Les Elephants” or “flies and elephants”. Olia seems like a genuinely lovely person. She tells me I am a “wonderful woman” to follow my heart and live in Guernsey with my boyfriend. Who said flattery will get you nowhere? I’ve already had a little ego-boost from this card! Olia says she studies architecture and that she has even named her favourite building in Minsk ‘Gertruda’ – her favourite girl’s name! Brilliant! What a lovely card!

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The Stars Aligned…

postcards3This stunning card comes from Ania in Belarus and I just love this peaceful scene. She points out that you can see the moon, Venus and Jupiter all in this picture (although the scan has not shown Venus very well). Beautiful, unique choice of card! I love it! Ania tells me she is a student but her lifestyle is just schoolwork and a part-time job. Not fun – I can empathise! But her boyfriend has drawn a funny little cat on the card and I can see she smiles through the tough times. It’ll all be worth it in the end, I’m sure!

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My Quickest Belarussian Postcard

BelarusChapelThis cool card comes from Iryna in Belarus and by some miracle only took 3 days to get here! That must be a first for both of our postal systems! Anyway, she tells me that this card showing the ancient town of Val shows a typical Belarussian landscape. Lovely!

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A Strange Card

BelarusBlankI wasn’t sure how to upload this card without showing my address (which fills the space on the right) or Natalie and Andrew’s (who sent this card) which fills the space on the left. There is no image on the front of this card… or maybe this is the front. I’m a little unsure! Regardless, all the way from Belarus,they have kindly written an Easter quote for me: “The budding trees, the new flowers and birds that sweetly sing, whisper to me that it’s Easter.” Slightly odd as it was sent two weeks after Easter and received two weeks after that! Anyway, the sentiment is appreciated.


Belarussian Ruins

MinskCastleThis strange card comes from Olia in Minsk, Belarus. She tells me that the picture shows a small part of the ruins of a 16th century castle in Minsk which was owned by the Glebovichi princes, but has since turned into ruins. She tells me that she lives with her boyfriend and hopes that one day soon they will get married. Sweet!

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A Valentine’s Card!

ValentinesThis adorable card comes from Pasha in Belarus as part of a direct swap. He sent it to me on Valentine’s Day from his fourth postcrossing meet-up. He’s also drawn a ‘Happy Valentine’s’ picture with the words ‘love is in the air’! Haha, brilliant!

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