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Scan 1 - Version 2This cool card comes from Paulina in Finland and shows the country’s capital: Helsinki. What you might not know about the largest Finnish city is that its name actually derives from the tongue of the original Swedish settlers (as with many places in Finland) and in fact was named after an area in central Sweden – Hälsingland! Fascinating!

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Scan - Version 3

This great card, from Maria in Finland, shows the coastal city of Turku. Here you can see the castle which dates back to the 13th century and is unsurprisingly a hot tourist spot. Maria says she even had her prom there which is very cool! Turku itself is Finland’s oldest city and is full of beautiful history.

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My First Christmas Postcard

postcards3_3This lovely card comes from Eva in Finland and shows a classic seasonal image by the artist Rudolf Koivu – one of Finland’s most famous illustrators. Not much more to say about this one other than I hope it’s getting you slowly warmed up into festive mode!

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Spectacular Finland


 postcards3These fantastic cards came as a wonderful surprise from Sini in Finland and wow, they are beautiful. And such a cute envelope carrying them all to me too! So cute that I just had to post an image of it! Here you can see some of the rural scenes of Finland and of course the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights. Amazing!

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Rural Finland

postcards2_2I just love this beautiful card from Pinja in Finland! Finnish countryside is just so luscious and green. Pinja tells me that she has many animals (lucky!) and loves archaeology too! Yay! Her handwriting is super-neat as well. Lovely card to receive!

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Hagasund Villa

postcardsThis card comes from Leyla in Finland and it shows Hagasund Villa in Helsinki which is famous for its Neoclassical style. It’s always interesting to get cards showing different types of architecture, I think.

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A Portuguese Maxicard

postcards_2_2This cool maxicard comes from Anne in Finland but shows a maxicard from the Azores region of Portugal. The plant it depicts is Platanthera micranta – a type of orchid found in the area. Anne tells me it is an autumnal +5C in Finland but that she is looking forward to the cold, snow and dark of winter. Lovely card!

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Beautiful Kuusamo

postcards_3_2This stunning card comes from Tarja and shows Kuusamo, a beautiful region in the north of the country renowned for its winter sports scene. Tarja tells me the hills are covered with all types of trees – sounds idyllic!

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A Sami Belt

postcards_2_2This card from Tyula in Finland shows a Sami belt and knife studded with beautiful ornaments. I just love it! The Sami are a tribe native to the northernmost regions of Finland and Scandinavia and I just love the exquisite detail in this belt. Great choice from Tyula!

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Sammallahdenmaki Bronze Age Burial Site


I’m pretty sure this is the second card I have received from the Finnish Bronze Age burial site of Sammallahdenmaki. This one comes from Sini who tells me that she has not visited it herself but hopes to this year. She says she also loves history and that she’s been to many similar sites in Sweden and also mentions that these days she often cooks herself roast chicken with various vegetables for dinner – sounds yummy!

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