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Scan - Version 3

Scan 1 - Version 5In all honesty, never did I think I would ever get a postcard from Pitcairn Island… How impressive is that?! And such a stroke of luck for me as well as it is not one I asked for! So here it is, courtesy of Malaysian Shurbani. Pitcairn Island, the last British Overseas Territory of the Pacific, has a population of just 48, long-gone are the days of its peak population of 250 in 1936. The island, although small, is probably most renowned for the part it played in the infamous mutiny of HMS Bounty in 1789, whereupon 18 mutineers put Captain Bligh and his loyal crew members in a small boat before burning the HMS Bounty and settling, themselves, on the island of Pitcairn. Bligh, however, undefeated, navigated his tiny  boat on a 47 day voyage in a display of unprecedented seamanship. He had on him nothing more than a pocket watch and a quadrant and later stated the journey had been 3618 nautical miles and lost only 5 men on the journey. 2 years and 11 weeks after his original departure from England, he returned to report the mutiny and ensure the capture of his mutineers. What a story! And what a card to remember it by!

PS Igor – here is the stamp for you to see!