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Scan 2 - Version 3This cool card comes from Teresa in Portugal and shows the city of Coimbra. With a magical library and a university that was established in 1290, this city is just full of culture and history! Hidden in the city’s depths you can also stumble across Roman structures and buildings that date back to the days when this was actually Portugal’s capital. Amazing!

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A Portuguese Maxicard

postcards_2_2This cool maxicard comes from Anne in Finland but shows a maxicard from the Azores region of Portugal. The plant it depicts is Platanthera micranta – a type of orchid found in the area. Anne tells me it is an autumnal +5C in Finland but that she is looking forward to the cold, snow and dark of winter. Lovely card!

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postcards_3This card comes from one of my best friends – Kate (and her boyfriend, Andy) to me (and my boyfriend). Very chatty, as ever, Kate tells me all about how wonderful the Algarve is – in Portugal, where they were on holiday. She says the weather was fantastic, allowing them to spend most days at the beach and that they even managed to go sea-kayaking into some caves which just sounds awesome! Apparently fish became a large part of their diet and, at the time she wrote the postcard, they’d tried over 13 types! Just sounds like an amazing holiday! And this card is stunning!



postcards3_2This card, from 13 year old Ricardo in Portugal, who is on his school holidays, shows me three views of his town of Viseu – the main cathedral, St Cristina’s Square and the medieval Door of the Soar. Beautiful card!

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Roman Portugal

AmmaiaThis beautiful card comes from Vitoria in Portugal and shows the Roman ruins of Ammaia which was founded in the first century. Vitoria tells me the site is very close to the border with Spain and is currently used as the ‘open-lab’ for archaeological project Radio-Past. Very interesting!

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Portuguese Prehistory!

PortugalDolmenThis fascinating card comes from Jose in Portugal, but what is really great is that he has taken the time to explain the image. He tells me that there are many prehistoric sites in Portugal and that dolmens (like the one in this card) are particularly common and that he loves discovering traces of the past through ancient monuments such as this. Amazing!

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Portuguese Storks

PortugalStorkThis beautiful card comes from Helena in Portugal. She tells me how popular the Algarve is as an area both for locals and tourists and that she chose this card since she thinks storks are lovely – she’s right there! Gorgeous!

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A Portuguese Ship

Having only received home internet today, and having started a new job this week I am VERY behind and have a huge pile of postcards to update my blog with this weekend, so thought I better get started!! This card arrived last week, from Portuguese postcrosser Joana. She tells me how the tiles shown in this card are very traditional for Portugal. She explains how this picture shows a caravel – the type of boat used by navigators and explorers in the 15th-17th centuries which is a period known there as the “Age of Discoveries”. The card is beautiful and made even better by the explanation on the back. Love it!

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Traditional Costumes of Porto

This very unique card comes from Maria in the Portuguese city of Porto. She tells me she is a teacher of French and Portuguese and that her local city is Porto – the second biggest in the country. She says she also volunteers in Mozambique where she works on projects for AIDs sufferers which is a job she loves as it helps her appreciate the little things in life – it sounds incredible. In this beautiful and chatty card she also tells me she’s chosen this card as I say on my profile that I love folklore and this shows traditional costume in Porto on 24th of June when they celebrate Saint John’s day in a traditional style. Love this card!

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A Portuguese Postcard

This postcard of the Fatima Basilica interestingly comes from someone called Fatima in Portugal. She’s written in Portuguese however, and although google translate has given me a rough idea that she speaks of peace and religion in relation to this church, I can’t quite grasp the entire message – a fun enigma for me! Lovely card with a pretty picture!

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