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Varna Necropolis

postcards_2_3Another addition to my collection of oddities comes from Dilyana in Bulgaria. I love this card because whilst it really appeals to my archaeological side and I do find it fascinating to look at, I also agree with Dilyana – why is it a postcard! This is really up there with my Oetzi postcard! I like the idea that someone on holiday in Bulgaria would choose this card as opposed to a typical touristic view of the country to send to their friends! This gentleman here (well, I assume he’s of the male sex, considering the delightful gold “ornament” below his hips), dates to around 4000 BC and can be found in the Varna Museum of History and Art. Wonderful card! And despite your concerns, Dilyana, not too weird. I wonder if there even is a postcard out there that’s ‘too weird’ for me! Anyone up for the challenge of finding one?

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Bulgarian Tradition

p_2This awesome Bulgarian postcard comes from Dilyana who probably couldn’t have chosen a better card even if she’d have tried! It shows the kukeri – or mummers, who dance in costume at the new year to ward off evil spirits and bring in a fruitful and rich new year. What a great tradition and fantastic idea to turn it into a postcard! I love cultural stuff like this so it really makes for a great addition to my collection!

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A Roman Theatre

This amazing postcard comes from Bulgarian Irina as part of a direct swap. She tells me this Roman theatre dates to the time of Emperor Trajan and that it is situated in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria which she visited last week. She tells me the city is also famous for its well-preserved Renaissance architecture. Fantastic card and only my second from the country!




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This spectacular card is from 10 year old Leonida in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Madara Horseman is a UNESCO monument dating to the 8th century. She’s written a short, sweet message about her interests and has included a few cute doodles too. My first from Bulgaria too, which makes it even better!

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