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Japan in 1595


Scan 1 - Version 3This amazing card comes from Asami in Japan and shows an old map of her country way back in 1595 – during one of the most turbulent times in Japanese history. Warlords had fought for centuries over territories, but by the end of the 16th century, things were beginning to become more peaceful and the country was starting to become the united Japan we know today. Fantastic card!

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Okayama Castle


From Ichigo (whose name means strawberry) in Japan, comes this awesome card. Now, you might just think this is a quaint, average, Japanese rural building. Wrong! It is Okayama Castle, originally built in 1597 and whose name gave rise to the city of Okayama around it. Although it has been destroyed and neglected over the years and then somewhat unthoughtfully reconstructed in concrete in the 1960s (yes, it seems the 60’s loved concrete no matter where in the world you were), it still stands rather beautifully today as a reminder of the history of the city.

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Japanese Santa

postcards1_3_4This sweet card comes from Kariya in Japan, showing that Santa Claus/Father Christmas/Saint Nicholas really has gone global! She tells me that since autumn, the evenings have been getting chillier and the leaves turning red and yellow. Sounds lovely!

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Osaka Castle

OsakaThis cool card comes from Brigitte and John in the Netherlands but actually shows Osaka Castle in Japan. Brigitte tells me that she and John have lived together for more than twenty years and that at the moment spring is settling in their town which is her favourite time of year since she loves the colours and birdsong. Lovely!

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Old Tokyo

TokyoOldMapFrom Michiko in Japan I received this beautiful card – an old map of Tokyo. It has actually been in my favourites on postcrossing for a while now as I just love the intricacy of it! I was so happy to finally receive it!

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Little My Counts!


This very cute card comes from Lyo in Japan and shows a very cheerful looking Little My learning to count. Adorable!

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A Picture Map of Japan

japanpicmapThis cute map card comes from Miwa in Japan. I love the fun style! Miwa tells me that plum blossoms are just coming into bloom in Tokyo and that cherry blossoms will join them by the end of the month. Sounds beautiful. Happy spring everyone!


A Tokyo Panorama!

TokyoPanoramaThis view of Tokyo is one of my favourite city views yet as it shows the Japanese capital in a light I’ve never seen before. In the picture you can see the district of Shinjuku sprawling into the distance with Mount Fuji overshadowing the city. Amazing! Love it!

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The Kegon Falls

JapanWaterfallThis spectacular card comes from my lovely friend Clarissa who was on holiday in Japan where she chose this beautiful card of the Kegon Falls for me. She tells me the place is lovely but crazily cold! Considering she’s from Singapore, I’m not surprised that she finds it cold. I just love this card, and the rainbow too – gorgeous!

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Sendai City At Night

SendaiThis beautiful card comes from Sheluna in Japan and shows Senai City at night. She starts the card off by calling me Gabriella (erm… I have had many mistaken spellings of my name in the past, but ‘Gabriella’?!) but goes on to tell me that the city is famous in Japan for having many trees and that in Japanese it is called “The City of the Forest” – fascinating! She also gives me some really interesting information about the city – the castle was built by Lord Masamune Date in the 17th Century which led to the growth of the city around it. Now it has a population of over one million and Sheluna tells me she loves it there. Beautiful card!

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