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Mount Taishan


Scan - Version 3This spectacular card comes from Bee in China and show Mount Taishan, which I am ashamed to admit I had not even heard of – which is why postcrossing is so great! The mountain was first inhabited during the Neolithic times and for the last 3000 years has been worshipped as a sacred spot, with countless local myths, legends and histories occurring there. In case you were wondering, there are about 6000 steps (carved from granite) if you fancy walking to the top! Amazing! And totally beautiful!

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The Tian Shan Mountains

postcards_3This stunning card comes from April in China and shows the Tian Shan mountain range in the autonomous Chinese province of Xinjiang. The beautiful valley in front of it is farmland for a horse-breeding farm, but these spectacular views are apparently common under these mountains. Amazing!

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A Chinese Pagoda

postcards_2Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about this Chinese pagoda, since Haofei who sent this card, wrote no more than hello. So it’s a mystery to me! Instead let’s just absorb its prettiness!

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Xiaoqi Village

XiaoqiThis pretty card comes from Danbo in China and shows Xiaoqi Village, apparently famous for its lush trees and beautiful tranquility. Very pretty!

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The Bell Tower – Xi’an

ChineseBellTowerThis cool card comes from Daqian in China and shows the Bell Tower of Xi’an City. He tells me that Xi’an was once the capital of many dynasties such as the Qin and Tang. Pretty card.

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Bing Jiangde’s Teashop

ChineseLadiesThis wonderful card comes from Liping Yu and shows an old poster from the 1920s advertising Bing Jiangde’s teashop. I really love old cards like this as I find different types of advertising across time and space really interesting!

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Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

HongKongSeaThis pretty card comes from Wang in China and shows Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. It’s quite a large card and Wang tells me he chose it so that he could fit my (long) address on! Apparently the two tall buildings marking the gates of the harbour are known as Hong Kong’s very own ‘pillars of Hercules’ very cool!

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A Chinese Cartoon

ChinaCartoonThis cute card comes from Littlepai in China who has used a special postmark of a famous bridge in Shanghai called “Nine Zigzag Bridge” (the name is self-explanatory), she kindly teaches me how to say hello in Cantonese “Ni Hao” and wishes me a happy birthday for April 5th. Lovely card!

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A Chinese Painting


This pretty card comes from Zhou in China and shows an image painted by Shen Zhou who was a Chinese painter in the late 1400s and early 1500s. Beautiful picture!

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Why Are Chinese Landscapes So Gorgeous?

This stunning card comes from Kristen in China. It shows the Yangtze river looking pretty incredible really! We don’t have landscapes like that over here! Beautiful!




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