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Nature in Tirschenreuth

postcards_4This pretty card comes from Heike in Bavaria, Germany and it shows nature in the Tirschenreuth area. It’s an unusual card (I think) because from what I’ve read, there’s actually a fair bit more nature there than just a couple of flowers and a river! Heike tells me (in German, oh what a panic I had trying to muster up all my year 8 German skills!) that she herself loves nature and recently went to a flower show in her town – very cool.

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The Maya Remains of Caracol

CaracolOh! Another Maya-themed postcard from Belize! My favourite type of card! This one comes from Debbie who I’ve done a direct swap with before and shows the ruins of Caracol. She tells me the name means “Snail” in Spanish – how fascinating! She says it’s a particularly beautiful site although it’s deep in the jungle and is really only accessible during the dry season as it’s rough in the rainy season. But she does say she has managed to visit a couple of times – lucky! Love it!

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The National Geographic

NationalGeographicThis pretty card comes from Ramona in the USA who tells me she is a travel writer so loves old National Geographic cards like this one – it is beautiful!

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The Golden Triangle

GoldenTriangleThis stunning landscape card comes from my lovely friend Maija who’s on holiday in Thailand at the moment. She tells me she absolutely adores the country, but that her brief trip to Laos saddened her being surrounded by so much poverty. In Northern Thailand though, she’s surrounded herself with lots of new experiences and friends. Jealous! Looks amazing!

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A First From Suriname!

Sometimes I receive a postcard and know that chances are, I will never receive one from that country again. So I feel very privileged to have this card arrive from Cheryll in Suriname. She tells me that their tropical climate is currently in the middle of a short rainy season and that she has climbed Voltzberg mountain (in the picture) twice and that at 240m tall, it is very tiring, but worth it. The card also shows Anjumara Falls, both of the places are situated within Central Suriname Nature Reserve a UNESCO natural heritage site. Amazing card!

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Hotel Selva Negra

My first ever card from Nicaragua arrived today from Jose! He tells me the card shows a beautiful resort famous for its eco-tourism. He also says it is in the ‘coffee-zone’ of the country, where the coffee is grown. Amazing and very beautiful card!

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Indonesian Rice Terraces

This stunning card comes from Heidy in Indonesia. It shows Tana Toraja rice terraces with traditional houses in the distance. Heidy tells me that it is currently on UNESCO’s tentative world heritage site list. Really lovely cultural card!

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The Iguazu Falls

This great card comes from Argentinian penpal Nau and shows the Iguazu falls on the Argentine/Brazilian border. He has drawn a little map to show where they are in relation to his town (a considerable distance away!) and tells me he has never visited them but hopes to one day. He also says ‘una imagen vale veras que mil palabras’ – a picture is worth a thousand words. So true! Awesome card!

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A Mystery River!

This very green picture comes (surprisingly) from the Netherlands, courtesy of postcrosser Wietze. Of course, he’s quick to tell me the picture isn’t from his country (really?!) but he doesn’t know where it is of. I have no idea either, making it a mystery! Anyone got any ideas? But regardless, it is stunning!

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Frans Lanting’s ‘Giant Lobelia’

I already wrote this post today, but it seems to have got lost somewhere in cyber-space! So here goes again! Lets hope this time it stays! This spectacular postcard is actually from a German postcrosser: Inga. She tells me the image is of a Hawaiian jungle, and is by the photographer Frans Lanting. She also tells me her hometown is called Bielefield and that they have had postcrossing meets there which must be really good fun. Lovely card!

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