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postcards3_2_2This stunning card is also from Albania and comes this time from Dritah, a friend of Nevila. This time it shows Berat in south-central Albania – their hometown. Similarly to Korçë, Berat also has a very rich history first occupied in the 6th century BC by the Greek tribe Dexarioi. The town is renowned now for its beautiful architecture and is often referred to as the Town of a Thousand Windows due to the specific architectural style of its hillside houses. Berat is also home to a castle, a church and a mosque as well as this stunning natural beauty. Wonderful card!

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postcards3_2_2_2This beautiful card is my first from Albania and comes from the beautiful Nevila. Here you can see the Resurrection Cathedral in the city of Korçë – the main orthdox church in the city, built in 1992. The city itself is in the middle of the Morava Mountains and has a population of about 105,000. Occupation at the site seems to date back to 4000BC and has a rich history. Although Nevila says it is very cold in winter, it looks stunning!

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