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Port of Spain


From Reinelle in Trinidad comes this card showing Port of Spain, capital of Trinidad and Tobago. The country, situated just off the coast of Venezuela, has a fantastic history, with Trinidad having been settled by the Spanish from 1498 (no surprises there given the name of the capital!) and as such, the name Trinidad comes from the Spanish ‘La Isla de Trinidad’ – the isle of the trinity. In 1797, Trinidad became part of the British Empire, meanwhile Tobago moved consistently between belonging to different colonisers. It wasn’t until 1962 that the country finally gained its independence. Trinidad and Tobago is also the birthplace of calypso and its famous Carnival. I hope I get to visit one day!

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A Postcard From Trinidad


This striking and beautiful card comes from Risa in Trinidad who says it’s from one little island to another! I absolutely love it and the colours really stand out! The image is full of lots of local treasures (all of which look quite a bit nicer than Guernsey’s local things… not that I’m jealous!) and is printed over the Trinidad flag. Awesome!

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A First from Trinidad and Tobago

These four awesome cards arrived today from a very kind Rene – an Australian who lives in Trinidad who wanted to send me one that I favourited without even asking for a swap, and then sent four! I am so appreciative of the very kind gesture!! The two sunset images show Pigeon Point and the top left shows Maracas which she tells me is the ‘playground for Port of Spain’. She says she loves going to Maracas for Shark & Bake – shark in a local bread with lots of condiments! The final card (bottom left) shows Waterloo Temple – an amazing Hindu temple with a fascinating story behind it. The man who constructed it was told he couldn’t build it on the land since it belonged to a sugar cane company. After being fined and sent to prison, he decided to build it at sea. This was in the 1940s and he did it using just an old bicycle to transport all the building equipment. Amazing! And now of course it is a major tourist attraction. Awesome cards!

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