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Venezuela’s Astonishingly Slow Postal System

VenezuelaWaterfallSome of you may remember my longest travelled postcard, sent by Luis in Venezuela last year and taking 246 days to arrive with me. During that time, I messaged him to let him know I hadn’t received the card and on December 7th last year, he posted me this beauty which arrived on June 6th. That’s 182 days. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO. Impressive. Anyway, I sent him another card as a thanks for sending a second to me. This beauty shows Angel Falls – the highest waterfall in the world at 979 metres. It’s amazing and I love it! Luis tells me that it is located in the Canaima National Park which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1994. Spectacular card, and what a voyage it took to reach me!


My Longest-Travelled Card!

VenezuelaThis stunning card is my first from Venezuela and comes from Luis. I can’t believe it reached me TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY SIX days after it was post-marked! Wow! It seems to have traveled to my old flat in London before being forwarded on to me here. I absolutely love it though! The card shows Madriski in the archipelago of Los Roques National Park (which contains 50 islands and is 36km wide by 246km in length – incredible!). Luis tells me the only island with a permanent population is Gran Roque which has about 1200 residents. He also says that the park has one of the most diverse and well-preserved coral reefs in the Caribbean. Beautiful!

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