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A Brazilian Multiview


One of my more beautiful cards from Brazil, this one is from Genesio thanking me for the postcard I sent him. A very kind gesture, but he has already sent four cards despite my asking for only one! All very perplexing! Never the less it is a beautiful card and I shall enjoy having it in my collection!

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Museu do Ipiranga

SaoPauloThis great card is another from Genesio in Brazil who keeps sending me cards for some reason! This one shows the Museu do Ipiranga – a museum of Brazilian history in Sao Paulo. Beautiful.

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The Municipal Museum of Andreas Thaler

WeirdChildrenThis card arrived from Genesio in Brazil as a bit of a surprise! Apparently it shows the Municipal Museum of Andreas Thaler (an Austrian) but there is no other explanation. Mystery! Anyone who knows anything about it is welcome to tell me more!

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A Beautiful Aerial View

SaoPaolo SkylineOften, I’m not very fond of city views but there’s something about this awesome urban sprawl that I really love. Sent by Genesio in Brazil, this amazing image shows the city of Sao Paulo, which Genesio tells me is the largest in the country. Love it! The camera angle reminds me of Gotham City!

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A Brazilian April!

This unusual card is from Luiz in Brazil. He sends warm wishes from Brasilia on the back of this card which shows the month of April 2012. I’m not sure if it was purposeful for him to choose my birthday month, but if not, its a nice coincidence!




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Christ the Redeemer

There’s something I really love about this card from Cristina in Brazil. I think its the fact that the image captures a huge amount of distance, with even the Sugar Loaf being clearly visible in the background. And of course there’s the beautiful blue sea… Cristina has also attached some really pretty stamps, one drawn in a very traditional style of a dolphin and a pregnant lady on the Amazon. Beautiful.




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Brazilian Cave Paintings

This spectacular card comes from Sergio in Brazil as part of a direct swap. It shows beautiful cave paintings in the town of Barao de Cocais. The archaeological site is Pedra Pintada which wikipedia tells me dates back to 11,200 BP. I hadn’t heard of the site, but these paintings are stunning and I absolutely love this card!

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The Sugar Loaf

This incredible postcard comes from Thais in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The rock is called the Sugar Loaf and is one of the most famous and touristic places in the city. The card is really beautiful, I’ve definitely not seen anything like it before!

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Ouro Preto

This interesting card from Minas Gerais in Brazil arrived yesterday from Malu, who has sent it as the city is very historical. After googling it myself I discovered that any modern architecture built must adhere to the designs of the 18th century colonial style. Very interesting!

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An Evening Surprise!

For some reason best known to Royal Mail, the post today arrived at 5pm, and if I hadn’t have seen the postman walking down the road, I would have given up on its arrival. Luckily, however, I didn’t, and this beautiful card of Garganta do Diabo (translated into English as the Devil’s Throat) in Brazil was waiting for me. This was a swap organised privately with a fellow postcrosser Fernando, who saw I had favourited the image and offered to send me the postcard. On it he tells me about the falls, how the overall system includes 272 waterfalls  and marks the Brazilian/Argentinian border. Amazing card!

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